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POC Tectal Race SPIN Pads

POC’s new solution for combating rotational forces is elegant in its simplicity.

Earlier this year, POC debuted a new technology in their snow helmets designed to mitigate rotational forces. They call it SPIN (aka shearing pad inside). At Crankworx, they introduced SPIN into their mountain bike range.

When you pick up a SPIN equipped helmet, you won’t notice anything different. It looks like an ordinary helmet. It’s almost underwhelming. There is no yellow MIPS liner, no 6D style elastomer, or D30’esq Lego blocks. Instead, the magic is built into the helmet liner. Inside each pad, POC has integrated a slim silicone bladder. In a crash, the SPIN pads allow the helmet to shear in any direction to reduce rotational forces.

POC Tectal Race SPIN Pads

While a lot of brands are introducing complex solutions to combat rotational forces, POC went with the simplest solution.

The concept is brilliant in its simplicity. For years, there have been questions surrounding the effectiveness of MIPS. Many experts believe it’s unnecessary and have argued that our skin, hair, and helmet pads act as sufficient slip planes. Adding MIPS they counter introduces a hard layer next to the head and takes up room, which could be better used by adding additional foam padding.

POC’s solution eliminates that hard layer next to your head, doesn’t take up any space, and according to their internal testing provides significant protection against rotational forces. Of course, there is no standard agreed upon test to prove the effectiveness of rotational technologies. However, most helmet experts agree that mitigating rotational impacts is critical. In light of that, POC’s new SPIN system seems exciting.

POC Tectal Race SPIN Pads

The SPIN pads will retrofit to current helmets.

POC will begin shipping SPIN equipped helmets soon. At launch, only the Tectal Race, Octal X, and Coron AIR will receive the new pad sets. The cost difference will be about $20.

To learn more head to www.pocsports.com.

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