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The helmet has 16 large air vents with an internal air channel, which help with air flow, but it can still feel a bit warm compared to a highly ventilated cross country helmet. It is kept purposely rounded, without any extraneous pointed sections, so that during a crash it will roll better, and nothing will get caught or pinched in debris or terrain obstacles on your terra firma encounter. The visor is removable and will break away in a crash, and has an adjustable tilt, which is nice in variable light conditions, and allows you to either put it down for maximum coverage or up out of the way for more expansive viewing.

It comes with two sets of padding, one thicker than the other, which allows for micro alteration for varying head shapes and sizes. The helmet padding was durable and comfortable, dried quickly and wicked well, and they’re removable and machine washable. The padding was treated with Polygiene, which uses a natural silver salt, and has anti-microbial and anti-odor properties to keep the helmet fresh, so it doesn’t get the funk. The helmet sizing is adjusted by four systems, a chin strap, two ear adjusters, a rear circumference closure and a three-point height setting, the latter two being very much like the Giro Roc Loc system.

The straps are set or molded directly into the EPS foam, and the inner end piece of the chinstrap isn’t adjustable, so I ended up having to have the outer chin strap too close to the ear adjuster. I found that the side ear adjusters on the chin strap liked to drift downward, so I had to move them back up into place on occasion. The ear pieces didn’t have a clamp to snap down, and worked on tight friction
with the webbing. On every ride, I used the rear closure and chin strap, opening them for spinning, and then closing tightly for technical terrain and running downhill.

The rear circumference system consists of two push button ratchets that click into indents, giving a good deal of adjustability for fitting and comfort. I could get it to work on the fly, but it was easier to loosen then tighten. To relax the fit you tapped the buttons, and they would easily loosen, while to close the system, you had to squeeze the buttons towards each other, and doing on the fly adjustments required you to reach over the top of the helmet. It usually worked just fine and clamped down tightly, but it occasionally would pop out of the ratchets indents, and the reach over the helmet was awkward to perform. I think the adjustment system, specifically the ear and the rear circumference adjusters, needs some refinement, as it just doesn’t function to the performance standards this helmet emulates towards.

The helmet has been very durable, and has shown no signs of wear, scratches and dings. Another nice little bonus is that it comes with a useful helmet bag, and I certainly wish more vendors would include a simple bag with their helmets?

Measured Specs:

  • Weight (size XL-XXL) – 392.8 grams


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Brian likes to push the limits in all the sports he obsesses in, whether it's mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, skiing, or sport climbing. He takes those same strengths and a good dose of insanity to his reviewing and writing on mountain biking products, creating technical, in-depth articles. Whenever he's not on the bike, he might be found watching MotoGP racing, otherwise look for him out on the trail.

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  • Archie Punzalan says:

    Ever since i have tried this helmet, i fell in love with it. Their Xl/L sized Trabec fits perfect on my big ol head , and make it feel like your not wearing a helmet at all, the fit was great comfort level 10/10, the extra padding was a bonus, but needlessly to say, you wont probably need to replace them for a long time since they are built pretty tough and odor resistant. This was a great addition to my helmet arsenal sincei dont go riding on a full helmet most of the time, the trabec will be part of my collection/tools when riding out in the trails for many years to come. Price is not an issue especially if your investing on a $1000++ bike, why not spend the extra money for your brain protection

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