Point One Racing Split-Second DM Stem

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The Quick:

The Good:

  • 128g – Maybe the lightest DM Stem on the market
  • Solid build – Strong, well designed – Can with stand impacts
  • Esthetically pleasing design
  • The Bad:

  • A bit expensive for some – $119 MSRP
  • Model: Split Second Direct Mount Stem

    MSRP: $119

    Weight: 128 grams including all mounting hardware

    Manufacturer Link: https://pointoneracing.com/splitsecond_dm.html

    Point One Racing Split-Second Direct Mount (DM) Stem

    After testing and abusing the more controversially designed Split-Second stem, I was approached by Jimmy of Point One Racing to ride and test the Direct Mount version of the stem over this past summer.  This more straight forward DM stem, like it’s counter part, the integrated top cap designed Split-Second stem, did not disappoint me in the least.

    This stem is simple and straight forward to install.  Just read the installation instructions before hand to make sure you get the torque correct and install the longer stem to crown bolts in the front.

    It is obvious that there was much care and thought put into the design of this stem. The selection of high quality bolts, you know the kind that don’t strip out the instant you put a “little” elbow grease into them, and the complex curves of the design thatl maintain a simple and comprehensive overall flow, justifies this claim. As well, talking with Jimmy, it is apparent that he cares about his products and company’s perception and wants to be known for high quality components that are created to fill a gap in the market while pushing ahead in design and strength.

    Ride and Abuse

    Well, what is there to say about a stem?  It either works or it doesn’t, and I am not in hospital bed with horrid injuries spewing forth a loathsome and crudely worded negative review, so apparently this stem works.  I spent this past summer on it, riding at Whistler, locally, and at Northstar at Tahoe.  I felt no flex in the stem, and nothing ever loosened up on me.  It took everything from dang near non-stop rain at Whistler over 3 days while being beaten against Dirt Merchant to A-Line and it dealt with the dry, asphyxiating dust and constant pounding of baby heads at Northstar.  Steering felt normal and everything worked like it should.  The stem I tested even took a nasty hit (you can see the chips out of the stem in the photos) and it hasn’t shown any negative signs of that impact.  Everything comes apart and back together again as it should, with out any funny stuff.  So, it can take a hit!

    Of course one of the true test of a high quality component is how it stands up over an extended period of time.  It is hard to test such a thing with out the time involved, obviously, but I get the feeling that this stem will last a long time.  Easily as long as other high end stems.


    The Point One Racing Split-Second DM stem does not disappoint.  I completely trust the strength and quality of this stem based on the conditions and riding it has been through over this past summer and I look forward to using it in the future.  Point One Racing has created a great stem with what seems to be the ideal strength to weight ratio.

    Value Rating:

    4 out of 5 Stars

    I have to knock one chili off because of the price.  Though it is U.S. made.   Once again I just hope demand increases and price can come down some due to scale of production.  As long as quality is not affected.

    Overall Rating:

    5 out of 5 Stars

    5 chilis for overall.  The stem works great, it is very light yet incredibly stiff and great looking.  What more can you ask for in downhill product.

    A word from Point One Racing: With the increasing popularity of direct-mount stems, Point One Racing has created a new standard with its unique ultra-light four piece design that no other competitor comes close to. The Point One Racing Split-Second DM stem also offers the same stack height and 55mm clamp width as the traditional mount split-second stem, creating yet again the highest stiffness-to-weight ratio of any stem we have tested in its class. Proudly made in the USA.

    Buy it here: www.pointoneracing.com

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