Project 321 rear hub with variable sound

Less drag, quicker engagement and configurable sound

Components Sea Otter Classic

2017 Sea Otter Classic

Knight Project 321

Sound is configurable by mixing in quiet and loud pawls together to achieve the preferred volume level.

We want our rear hubs to be reliable and to not leave us stranded in the middle of nowhere. Quicker engagement too is good to power instantly, but not at the expense of reliability. In the area of sound, most want the hubs quiet and nondescript, while some want them loud.

Project 321 addressed these needs as they launched a very ingenious rear freehub design using magnets instead of traditional pawls. The drive system uses six magnetic pawls with 216 points of engagement for an incredibly quick 1.66 degree hub engagement. Spin the freehub and action is buttery smooth.

The result is not only lower drag and higher engagement with fewer moving parts, but also the option to swap magnetic pawls that are silent for pawls that make that signature buzz heard on Chris King and Industry Nine hubs. But the genius of the system is that one can dial in the amount of sound by mixing in loud and quiet magnetic pawls in the system.

And they come in cool colors too. Price is about $600 per set.

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This article is part of Mtbr’s coverage of the 2017 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. For more from Sea Otter CLICK HERE.

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  • Paul K. says:

    Project 321 is a great company. Having done business with them I can tell you they build precision products and back them up after the sale. Made in the USA is an added bonus. The new hubs look awesome the sound feature is such a great innovation. Good job Project 321

  • BlackBean says:

    Fantasticinnovation. I love the loud sound of I9 hubs. But I would take the silent model of the P321 hubs if it has 70% less drag!

    • myke says:

      if you want less drag just buy a Onyx hub. also US made but more of a advanced design. i have been running their MTB hubs for more than a year and they are epic!

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