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Is it luck? Well one could definitely state that we’re lucky. Picture this: you wake up one day and you say to each other “I’m tired of door number one, I don’t want to live this lifestyle anymore, let’s see the offer that lies behind door number two”. So you both dive straight into that rabbit hole, sell nearly everything you own, rent out your house, cash in your retirement of a happily forgotten career, and purchase a motorhome. Then you embark onto a path of brand news, brand new places, brand new people, brand new trails, basically brand new to nearly everything. This is our life and this is the story we have started. Our new life tells a tale of a vision we had and decided to make a reality. We’re striving to create a website for our fellow riders, something tangible, to help broaden everyone’s possibilities of new places to ride; a rider made Gravity Ride Guide.


We tell our story as we go sharing accurate and helpful information through the means of film, photographs and words, just two everyday riders that want to experience and document all the wonderful riding areas North America has to offer.


Chapter one finds us in the southwestern states of the lower 48. In January, fresh out of the starting gate, we propel ourselves right into the heart of Phoenix, AZ and their rock strewn trails. After dodging boulders for a bit, we head onward into the picturesque setting of Sedona, AZ to play in their signature red dirt.


The month of February and beginning weeks of March were spent in Moab,UT observing this slumbering tourist town awaken as the sun slowly began to share some of it’s warmth. Several days were well spent exploring first hand the unique terrain variations of this incredible Utah landscape.


During the latter part of March we cured an early case of spring fever with a remedy of mashing our bikes down the jagged rocks of Boulder City’s, Bootleg Canyon.



With a wistful goodbye glance, we steer the Projekt Roam RV towards the coast and land of eternal sunshine, California.

Hope you enjoyed; for more photos and all the info you need to plan your own epic MTB trip please check out ( or ( and stay tuned for Chasing Gravity Episode 2.

“This is the product of our first time working with our cameras, first time filming and editing. It has been a learning process and we hope to improve more and more during the progression of our expedition, I hope you enjoy our new short film series Chasing Gravity, which follows us as we live on the road, traveling around North America in search of gravity fed mountain biking destinations for our new online Gravity Ride Guide.” Colt Maule

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Thank you to our sponsors and everyone that has helped us thus far during our journey!


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