PUSH Industries launches fully customizable rear shock

Built to get most out of today's 140-165mm travel mountain bikes


The new shock will retail for $1200 and will be hand assembled and built to customer specification based on rider weight, riding style, and frame application.

PUSH Industries has launched ELEVENSIX, the first complete suspension product from a company heretofore best known for suspension tuning and servicing.

The coil-over damper shock with remote reservoir, which will retail for $1200, is geared toward the enduro crowd and designed to get the most out of modern 140-165mm travel mountain bikes. It will be fully hand assembled and built to customer specification based on rider weight, riding style, and bike frame. The question is can it compete in a marketplace dominated by air sprung systems, especially considering cost and the slight weight penalty.

Prominent features of the new shock include a patent pending dual overhead valve design that offers decoupled ride characteristics that can be toggled between on-the-fly. This, according to PUSH, allows riders to have ultra plush and ultra firm suspension characteristics without compromise.

“Most of today’s MTB shocks offer an on-the-fly compression adjustment that is tied to a single compression circuit,” explained PUSH president Darren Murphy. “Because of this, you have to find the compromise between small bump sensitivity and firmness when engaged. With our new dual overhead valve system we’ve eliminated this compromise by having dual independent completely user defined compression settings that you can toggle between on-the-fly.”

The shock also has tool free external adjustments for low speed rebound, low speed compression, and high speed compression. Additionally the parabolic low speed needle design for both compression and rebound eliminates the “gap” found in production MTB shock external adjustment, says PUSH.


A closer look at the HyperCo spring.

A HyperCo ultra light suspension spring is available in 25lb/in increments. It’s made from high tensile spring alloy, and features optimum body diameter technology, eliminating spring deflection and body wear. Digressive damping characteristics from compression valves are claimed to provide improved traction and control, while allowing for improved travel on square impacts. The high volume oil and nitrogen reservoir are designed to provide fade-free performance. And the 360-degree spring capture and bump stop cup are claimed to eliminate extrusion of the bumper under extreme bottoming loads and ensure proper spring alignment.

“It’s really the difference between mass production and something truly custom,” added Murphy. “ELEVENSIX is built for the rider that appreciates that it was both manufactured and hand assembled for them at our Colorado facility with a direct connection to the people that built it.”

For now the shock can only be configured for the Santa Cruz Nomad 27.5, Pivot Mach 6, Yeti SB66, Yeti SB6C, Niner WFO, Ibis Mojo HD, and Banshee Rune. Next up will be compatibility for the Santa Cruz Bronson, Intense Tracer 275, Ibis Mojo HD3, Giant Reign 275, Specialized Enduro 29, Transition Patrol, Knolly Chilcotin, Norco Range and Trek Slash.

“The shock is both quite limited in production as well as the frames that it bolts to,” explained Murphy. “We did this to ensure that we have something that is really purpose built for each bike. The list of bikes started based on bikes that we were currently riding and had around the shop at PUSH. From there we’re targeting bikes that are in the 140-165mm travel category because they benefit most form both a coil shock and our new technology. We hope to [add at least one more bike] per month as we move forward. It’s important to us that we get each bike and go through our entire development process to ensure that each customer gets something special.”


A closer look at the new shock’s shaft assembly.

Production of the first production units will start in about a week, with the goal of a 2-3 day turnaround from order date. Because each shock is built to rider specification, they don’t have anything on the shelf that’s complete. Every shock is hand assembled to order. Orders are being taken now. And in case you’re wondering, the name is a reference to when initial product development began. The Loveland, Colorado-based company started prototyping on November 6, 2013, thus ELEVENSIX.

For more information visit www.pushindustries.com

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