Race Face Cinch Oval chainrings debut

Ability to flip-flop provides proper chainline offset for Boost and Super Boost

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Most manufacturers offer a 1x narrow-wide mountain bike oval chainring. Or at the very least there’s an option somewhere out there to fit most cranksets. Now Race Face is bringing something new to the table, with the ability to flip-flop to provide proper chainline offset for both Boost and Super Boost bikes. Markings on both sides show where to position the new Race Face Cinch Oval chainring, so it’s clocked in the correct position. Press play to learn more.

The Race Face Cinch Oval rings aim to help you put down max watts in the best part of our pedal stroke, and it can be used with 10, 11, and 12-speed drivetrains. The Oval shape is said to provide enhanced traction control when compared to conventional round rings, particularly in high torque, low cadence riding scenarios.

To achieve optimal performance, Race Face arrived at a 112.5° clocking, the angle between the crank arm and the largest diameter of the oval measured counterclockwise from the crank arm. This clocking angle is achievable in both regular and flipped positions, following the laser etched crank arm orientation callout on the ring. The rings feature an ovality of 10%, meaning the ring diameter varies from 95% to 105% of the equivalent round ring. Cinch Oval rings are compatible with most chainguides, though the variable width tooth design and a clutch rear derailleur should keep chain retention dialed without one.

Crafted from wear resistant 7075 aluminum and designed for XC/Trail/AM/Enduro, the Race Face Oval chainring looks to improve all off-road riding. They’ll fit any crankarm using the Cinch spindle setup, including Race Face Next SL, Next R, SixC, Turbine, Atlas, Aeffect, and Ride cranks. Available sizes are 28t, 30t, 32t, 34t. Price is $65.

For more info roll over to www.raceface.com.

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