Racer nearly falls off bridge in scary road race crash

Think that one booter at the bike park is gnarly? Wait until you see this

Santa Barbara Road Race 2017 Final Sprint Crash

Cross riding? Yes. Cat 3 road race? Not if this is going to happen.

As mountain bikers, we tend to make fun of roadies. All they do is suffer and eat (at least that’s the stereotype). But in a lot of ways, roadies are bad ass. Unlike soccer players who feign injuries at the slightest impact, pro road racers have fallen off bridges, hopped back on their bikes, and kept on pedaling.

While we respect our Lycra-clad siblings, there’s a reason at least I prefer mountain bikes. When you’re riding or racing on the dirt, it’s usually a battle between yourself and the clock. There’s no chance for someone to crash in front of you, send carbon shards flying, and run you off a bridge.

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  • BlackBean says:

    I’m mostly a mountain biker. That being said, I think road riding is way scarier and the falls nastier. I ride road all seasons except for winter and I just love being on the bike. But by far road riding is a more dangerous undertaking than mountain biking.

  • scothch hennessey says:

    BlackBean…agree 100%. The canyons here in So Cal barely have a shoulder to ride on skinnys. Snowflakes amongst us in cages staring down at their appendage 95% the time. I’ll stay in the hills!

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