RASE Components, LLC Launches The Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost


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SEABROOK, NH – RASE Components, LLC announces the launch of the Black Mamba Model in the Rapid Adjust Seatpost Series.

The patented Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost instantly raises or lowers “on the fly” up to a full nine (9) inches and locks securely into place at all intervals, providing the rider with the ultimate in power and control when faced with tackling challenging and variable terrain. The Black Mamba is simply operated from a remote lever on the handlebars and takes just minutes to install. Constructed of lightweight but incredibly strong 7075 Aluminum, the Black Mamba is built to sustain the most gnarly descents and the steepest climbs ride after ride. The Black Mamba is 400mm in length and is currently available in four sleeve sizes (27.2mm, 30.0mm, 30.9mm and 31.6mm) with an optional post cover. So, whether you are an avid rider or more on the casual side, the Black Mamba Rapid Adjust Seatpost will provide you with more power and control out on the trail than any other seatpost.

RASE Components, LLC is a Prodev Company. Corporate headquarters are located at 95 Ledge Road, #4, Seabrook, New Hampshire 03874. Phone: (603) 474-2774. E-mail: [email protected]; Web site: www.rasebike.com; www.prodevinc.com.

source: Laurie Kench

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  • Anonymous says:

    how do you fit three brake levers on your handlebar ?!

  • Anonymous says:

    how the hell does it work. that would be nice to know

  • Anonymous says:

    At $379, this thing better be real good.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looks like a POS. Actuated by a brake lever? $379? What are they thinking???

  • Anonymous says:

    Do I need a second handlebar for this lever? 🙂 Thanks, but I’ll stick with my Gravity Droppers.

  • Anonymous says:

    pretty sweet lookin tectro lever! if it only had a little set-back, i might consider it. for now ill wait till the next model with a belt buckle mounted remote panic button made from a old hite rite. wait… my girlfriend now says i cant buy any bike parts with more travel than my wiener. oh well.

  • Anonymous says:

    We thought we should answer a few questions about our Rapid Adjust Seatpost.

    Our Rapid Adjust Seatpost is designed for mountain bikers, by mountain bikers.

    Our definition of Mountain Biking is riding on trails that have a variety of challenging descents
    from urban park stairs to giant rock formations like at Moab or faster downhill shoots like
    at Mammoth. Getting from one decline to the next, we appreciate a nice winding trail or even
    getting some exercise going uphill.

    We wanted a seatpost that would give us the most control , and keep us from getting bucked of the
    bike through the fun technical stuff or caching a bit of air. We also wanted a seatpost that would
    instantly rise up to our exact, individual seat height when we wanted total efficiency.
    We also wanted the post to instantly stop anywhere in between for various mixed terrain.

    Our seatpost had to work even if it was fully packed with mud, as trails can be muddy and riders
    may just throw off any type of boot-cover.

    In designing the post we placed a locking position less then every half inch along the post to insure
    immediate engagement with the locking system. The locking pin is a bit longer then needed to
    ensure a positive connection. The spring behind the locking pin is the strongest we could find to
    further create a solid locking system.

    Thumb shifters had been
    used as gear shifters on earlier mountain bikes but as many riders took miserable crashes from
    loosing the handlebars while lifting their thumb up to shift over bumpy terrain, people decided
    to create a different system for gear shifting on a mountain bike. Under trigger shifter were
    developed and have become the norm , as they keep the riders thumb locked under the grip.

    We did not want people to loose their grip and crash while shifting, so we were not going to use any
    thumb type shifter that required the rider to bring their thumb up from under the grip.

    To go with our strong locking system we needed a lever that had a good amount of leverage and also
    could travel a bit, to fully extract our oversized locking pin. We studied numerous lever designs
    of all sorts and the lever design that we choose to go with has everything that we were looking for.
    Our present lever is strong enough to pull against our mighty locking spring. Our activation lever
    also has enough pull to fully extract our burley locking pin and has a hinged bar clamp for easy

    Our lever works great. Sitting in from all the other levers and triggers, our activation lever
    does not get in the way. With the main braking lever pointed more downward at a 45 degree angle,
    the RASE activation lever gets a space extending straight off the handlebars, where it is perfectly
    reachable with one finger.

    We think our present activation lever looks good and works great but we are coming out with
    a very nice and fully trimmed lever within the next two months.

    Our post lifting system is an extension spring hammock type. Our post starts out as a solid bar
    of 7075 Al. A special gun-drilling process forms a hole that spans the entire back section of the
    seatpost. Our custom formed extension spring is connected at the top of this gun-drilled hole, goes around a pulley that is located at the bottom of the post and then comes up to attach onto the sleeve section.

    Our cable is also built integrally with the locking pin to ensure operation out on the trail.

    We created the Rapid Adjust Seatpost to make Mountain Biking more entertaining, so a
    rider can catch air off of rocks rather then worry about flipping over one.

    Have a good time on the trail,

    RASE Components

  • Anonymous says:

    I ordered it from Luxembourg/Europe.
    After delivery and usage I can fully confirm that the RASE Black Mamba product and the experiences it provides to the biker comply fully with RASERs explanations i.e. RASERs explanations ARE NOT marketing speak. Their assistance during my overseas analysis/ordering/delivery/post-sales process was outstanding, especially as I needed a special custom-built 30mm sleeve section for my Bionicon Supershuttle frame.
    Regarding the often discussed lever design: yes, it looks unusual but in practice I have to admit: form follows function.
    Also, the 9inch seatpost variance with remote control represents state-of-the-art engineering and is, as far as I know, unique on this planet.

    Thanks to the RASE engineers and their product I now even have more good time on the trails!

  • Lacks adjustability says:

    I bought one of these for my Chumba Evo and it lacked enough rotational adjustment for me to make the saddle flat. Seems like almost every other clamp design allows for an infinite level of adjustment. Also seems like most people that would be into these would be on bigger freeride rigs with a slacked angle seatpost like the Chumba. Might want to revise that design guys……

    FYI there isn’t a brake lever anymore, it is a nice small remote lever, maybe 1/2″ long. Works good and is outta the way.

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