Ray’s MTB Indoor Bike Park – Milwaukee, WI

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Something for Everybody

Given the size of the place and the variety of the different sections there really is a little bit of everything for everybody. From the beginner rider to the sport rider to the expert, dirt jumper or not, there is plenty to choose from here.

Ray's MTB Park rythym jumps Ray's MTB Park XC loop Ray's MTB Park bike rack Ray's MTB Park sport section

And, believe it or not, if you keep up your pace you will find yourself actually working up a good sweat, just like a “real” trail. After doing multiple loops, I found myself needing to stop, get some water and shed the arm warmers I thought I needed. No, you won’t find any long extended climbs and a full suspension bike is definitely overkill for this place. But you can definitely burn some calories.

It’s all about Progression

The one complaint that I heard about Ray’s is that it can give you a “rat in a cage” feel. By no means is the riding at Ray’s meant to be a replacement for real trails and being outdoors. But to avoid the onset of repetition, it is up to each individual rider to continue to expand their comfort zone and push their limits on the next harder stunt or challenge. This is where Ray’s really excels. I found myself becoming more and more comfortable on the XC loop and taking different lines over the small drops and venturing into the harder sport section. If you just ride around and do the same thing over and over again, then sure, you will start to induce boredom. But if you focus yourself and make the conscious decision to elevate your game, you will find that Ray’s MTB Park is one of the best places to ride and work on being a better rider.

A common question about Ray’s that I see people asking in our forums is, “Is Ray’s a good place to take my kids?” The answer is: Ray’s is a GREAT place to bring your kids! The environment at Ray’s in one of the best for teaching younger riders how to improve their riding skills in a controlled environment. It’s even a great place to bring your newbie significant other. In fact, Ray himself told us that they are thinking of creating a new “novice” area for the complete beginner, so that everyone can continue to grow our favorite sport/passion/hobby by inviting their non-riding friends, co-workers or wives/husbands. Check out this interview with Ray – he discusses spreading the passion, his inspiration for building new stunts, upcoming women’s only events and the possible location for the next Ray’s MTB Park.

Ray Petro, Founder

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