Regular MTB maintenance checks you should be doing

Always keep an eye on tires, brake pads, and your bearings

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Regular MTB Maintenance Checks You Should Be Doing

If there is play in your cranks it’s likely time for a new bottom bracket.

Mountain bikes take a ton of abuse — especially during the sloppy riding season. So how do you keep your prized two-wheeled possession running smooth? Make sure you are doing these regular maintenance checks outlined by our friends at the Global Mountain Bike Network. Just a few checks once every few weeks could save you from snapping a spoke or having a disaster on your next ride.

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  • mark says:

    surprised no mention on derailleur or ‘rear mech’ across the pond. Where I ride, thee is a lot of debris on trail, small twigs, sticks, grass. Derailleur hanger is always being replaced as it tends to get tweaked/betn slightly which intern throws of alignment.

    As far as spokes, I take a heavy wrench and spin wheel while the wrench raps against spokes. Spokes should all give the same level pitch, else if I hear a dull ring, a spoke is loose.

    I’d also like to know how you got your bike so spanking clean? thanks

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