Renthal goes 35mm with full line of bars and stems

U.K. brand strives for same strength and stiffness as 31.8mm products

Both the Apex and Integra stems will be available in 35mm versions.

Both the Apex and Integra stems will be available in 35mm versions (click to enlarge).

While the larger size diameter tubing of the 35mm standard has allowed manufacturers to reduce the weight of their handlebars, we’ve noticed the weights of stems have crept up. Just as with their handlebars, Renthal worked to keep the same strength and stiffness characteristics of their 31.8mm product line when developing their range of 35mm stems, while still trying to keep the weights close.

Chart detailing details and weights for new 35mm range of stems.

In the end, they redeveloped each stem from the ground up while only adding an average of 5% in weight. In tangible numbers, that translates to an increase of 1.5 grams for the Integra 35 and 7 grams for the Apex 35.

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  • Kris says:

    You have the weight values mixed up, the carbon version is less than the aluminium one for both standard and lite models.

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