REPLAY XD Introduces XD1080 ReView Full HD Display


Here’s our review of the Replay XD 1080 POV Camera Announced this week are some accessories to complement this flexible system.

Replay XD has been sort of quiet lately, but with the new release of the ReView HD video monitor, dive housing, RePower 2200 and 2400 battery packs, and the RePower Rapid XD charger, they come out with a big bang.

Replay XD makes some excellent cameras, and I had recently tested their top of the line XD1080 POV video camera. I found the XD1080 to have an excellent form and usage factor, exemplified by the power/record buttons, vibration feedback and small and light size. Since you don’t have an external display device, you needed to guesstimate the proper lens rotation and tilt of the camera, which is best accomplished using the alignment lines on the lens, and matching them perpendicular to the horizon. With the new ReView display, you can set the proper alignment, and view and listen to your recorded footage. The large HD screen measures in at 4.3 inches, has a slew of input and output ports, and weights 6.5 ounces.

Sample video from the XD1080

Thoughts => This looks like a really nice display, and it allows you to look at footage in full HD glory. Since it accepts an HDMI input, you can use this display for not only the Replay XD cameras, but other vendor POV cameras. This will make in the field usage really nice, especially on road trips when you don’t have to pull out the big laptop computer to check out your recordings. I am looking forward to trying out the ReView and seeing how the new battery accessories assist in using their cameras.

ReView Full HD Display

Record… ReView

  • ReView Field Monitor is a 4.3 inch HDMI monitor, perfect for any shooter, featuring instant HDMI video connection, allowing you to frame your shot live and replay your footage after recording.

Pro Monitor, Not So Pro Proce

  • ReView Field Monitor packs a punch with many Pro level features all built into a lightweight monitor, including a large LCD screen, audio-out, volume control, brightness control, and HDMI connectivity allowing for extremely flexible viewing, all without adding unneeded bulk to the Replay XD1080. ReView Field Monitor was priced to be added to any shooters gear bag.

Mount It, Hold It

  • There are 3 built-in, 1/4-20 tripod mounts on the bottom right, left, and center of the ReView, allowing for flexible mounting with your existing gear. You can also hold-in-hand or stand-up the ReView with the removable ergonomic handle.

HDMI and Full HD

  • ReView’s HDMI input is fully compatible with the world renowned Replay XD1080, DSLR’s, RED, large sensor camcorders, POV cameras, and other Full HD cameras with HDMI 1080p 30 or 1080i 60 output.
  • ReView Field Monitor is perfect for utilizing Live View and Playback from your Replay XD1080. Just plug-in the HDMI cable and get instant Live View from your camera all without the headache of pairing or syncing to another device.
  • ReView Field Monitor features a brilliant wide screen display, with brightness adjustment to fine-tune your picture whether if you’re shooting indoors or outside.

Shoot and ReView, All Day

  • The ReView Field Monitor features a built-in battery that lasts almost all-day. You can charge the ReView with a standard Mini USB cable or the USB cable that is supplied with your Replay XD1080. We also have a Rapid Charge USB cable available for an even quicker charge.

Adjustable Audio

  • Built-in Audio Jack: ReView Field Monitor has a 3.5mm audio-out jack so you can listen to your audio during Live View or Playback to make sure the audio levels are just right.
  • Built-in Speaker: You can also listen to your footage live through the built-in speaker, making it easy to show off your footage instantly.

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