Revealed: BMC TF01 29 – Trailfox All Mountain 29er with 150mm of Travel

29er Enduro
BMC gets it right with a 150mm travel 29er that sports a 5.5 lb frame and 17.1 inch short chainstays.

It looks like BMC has made a quantum leap in the world of trail bikes with their introduction of the TF01 29. They finally found the combination of wheel size, travel, low, slack and short stays that the US market has been craving for.

We got to see the TF01 in person and we’re happy to report that craftsmanship and finish are top-notch. And it’s not only the $12,000 model that’s good, the $3999 Blue SLX Model looks dialed as well.

And of course, the top-level XTR version is stunning.

Pricing is here:
Trailfox TF01 29 Complete XTR Team Red $11,999
Complete XX1 Lime $8,999
Frameset Team Red $4,999

Trailfox TF02 29 Complete XT Red $6,599
Complete SLX TrailCrew Flame $5,599

Trailfox TF03 29 Complete SLX Blue $3,999

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About the author: Francis Cebedo

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  • vik says:

    Lenz has had a 150mm 29er with short chain stays forseveral years now. It’s made in the USA as well.

    • Jayem says:

      Kinda not really, it has “17.375” stays, so 17.4, not really in the same league. The BB height on the lenz is way higher too. I wouldn’t argue about a tenth of an inch, but these are pretty large differences-the BMC is pretty darn close to the Specialized, but the Lenz is pretty far out there and not really in the same league.

  • Matt says:

    What are the units on the y-axis of that bar graph? Where did those numbers come from?

  • Francis Cebedo says:

    The units on the left of the ‘Our test results’ graph came from BMC’s internal testing. We’ll check with them to see what they stand for.

    • Iwan says:

      Would be great if you could let us know. Thanks.

    • Øyvind says:

      The units compare to standard “speed” or something. As you can see the old standard 26″ wheels are at 100 in all the tests. It looks like this is then the benchmark – 100%. 29″ and 27,4″ are sometimes better than the old 100% sometimes not as good.
      At least that’s how I read the graph.

  • trumpus says:

    Nothing between $12K and $4K SLX? No XX1? XT?

    • Francis Cebedo says:

      There’s 2 or 3 bikes in between $4k and $12k. Go through the photos in the slider gallery and you’ll see the specs.

  • Jared says:

    BMC got it right on geometry, but wrong on sizing. No XL option is no good.

    • Mike says:

      Just check the sizing carefully. We partnered this year with BMC on the Trans-Sylvania Epic Team and were all surprised a bit by the fit. All of us found the BMCs bigger for a given size than a comparably labeled bike from others. Guys on team up to 6’3″ had no issue getting on BMCs “larges” and are still running relatively short stems. Most of sized down compared to the cdales, spec and treks we’d been on. Not saying this one is the same for sure as it is a new model, but check closely.

  • Luis says:

    Wow $12,000.00 for a MTB !! Must be 1 helluva bike !!!!!

  • ChrisG says:

    The first mid travel 29er that is worthy of real attention in my view. Besides it being a bit of a high tech wonder it is the “rearward axle path” mentioned in the review that, if confirmed, makes the bike truly interesting. The value of a rearward axle path, contrary to the reviewer’s comments, has nothing to do with anti-squat (anti-squat arises with a spinning wheel being levered against the main triangle via the swingarm or suspension linkage and while bikes with plenty of anti-squat often do have a rearward axle path, it is not that path or its affect on the chain that generates anti-squat) it is rather the way such a path allows the rear wheel to clear obstacles (e.g. square edged rocks etc.) without slowing the bike too much. Wheels will slow when they strike obstacles to some extent but when a rear wheel with a rearward axle path strikes an obstacle it will slow the forward motion of the bike less because the wheel has the time to mount the obstacle without becoming a major source of drag on the bike. Bikes with non-rearward axle paths will slow more, i.e. will not carry speed as well, when they encounter rough terrain. So, the interest of this bike, amongst other things, appears to be that it is less prone to the defects that follow from a poor axle path that up until now has meant that mid travel 29er experiments have been rather underwhelming.

  • whatevs says:

    I had the same initial response (where’s the XL??) but after looking at the numbers, I don’t think its a concern unless you’re all legs (and therefore need more more stack). As spec’d, these frames are LONG.
    The reach spec on this BMC size L is 18.1 inches. Compare that to, say, a Turner Sultan which is 17.6 inches for the XXL size and 17.2 inches for the XL. Or a Tallboy LT which his 18.0″ for the XXL and 17.2″ for the XL and 16.3″ for the L.

  • thefriar says:

    I like. Until I go look at Speshy’s contemplated pricing on the Enduro 29 Sworks with shorter stays and XX1 and a CCDB Air, and I ask myself, where is that other $3k of cost coming in? Not in the department of warranty as Sworks will take care of you for life, soooo… Rear stays? XTR??? I can’t get the math to work.

  • RIDE_BMC says:


    Just to shed some light, the TF01 Trailcrew edition features XX1 and the Float X for $8999. It’s also a full carbon frame.

  • JuanMessa says:

    Just reading the review here in the UK as I am thinking about opting for the BMC . Large is on par with a lot of other brands XL and now that it’s also been reduced at my LBS I am on my way to get it right now. I already have a reverb ready to slot in so £1700 for a complete bike with these capabilities has got to be a 2014 bargain.

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