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Editor’s Note: This review is part of the Mtbr All Mountain Helmet Shootout.


The Giro Feature is an All Mountain helmet with great wrap around coverage, which provides good comfort, security and protection. It uses an In-Mold polycarbonate shell with an EPS foam liner, their In-Form retention system, has 12 vents with internal channeling and a visor with adjustable pitch. It retails for $75, weighs a moderate 350 gram, and comes in three sizes and seven colors.

Fit, Pads and Retention System

The helmet was moderately comfortable with a decent amount of padding in the front half and on the rear adjuster, though the padding is on the thin side of things compared to some of its competition. The helmet has two methods for fitment, a circumferential In-Form system with a twist wheel in the rear, and a four position height setting. The wheel was easy to grasp with a gloved hand, and would usually twist open and close for simple on the fly adjustment, but I found it could be stubborn when loosening. I tested the Large size, and the adjustment system allowed a great deal of tuning and fitting, so I could wear just a skull cap or a full-on winter head covering. The chin strap worked fine, and it was easy to cinch down, and while the ear portion didn’t have any adjustability, I didn’t find that an issue. The material that covers the padding on the rear adjustment system (see inset above) began to delaminate prematurely on me, but it still seemed to work fine and kept providing comfort. The retention system can totally snap-out for replacement if required, giving the helmet some additional longevity.


The Feature has only 12 holes for ventilation to help draw air through the helmet, but due to their size and their channeling design, they provided good movement and cooling. My head didn’t feel overheated even in the brunt of the summer, and although the system isn’t like fully open cross country or road helmet, they did an admirable job. The vent pattern on top made it difficult to attach my GoPro camera strap, but since it had a nice smooth spot on the crown, I ended up using a stick-on mount.

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About the author: Brian Mullin

Brian likes to push the limits in all the sports he obsesses in, whether it's mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, skiing, or sport climbing. He takes those same strengths and a good dose of insanity to his reviewing and writing on mountain biking products, creating technical, in-depth articles. Whenever he's not on the bike, he might be found watching MotoGP racing, otherwise look for him out on the trail.

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  • brian says:

    I’m on my second Giro Feature. Turns out they don’t stay on top of your car very well at speeds over about 10mph

  • roger says:

    Finally a good product and the right price!

  • Josh says:

    I dig mine. At first I had a bit of a pressure point above my right eye but that’s not an issue at all now. Great goggle and glasses compatibility, lightweight, and it doesn’t make my head look like a mushroom! My only grief is the stitching on the padding is coming apart. That’s a cheap replacement though.

  • Joel says:

    My light doesn’t mount on top. Poor vent design (for mounting). Have to use an older helmet for night riding.

  • Tyrebyter says:

    One would think that they might have hit the sub-$100US mark with a MIPS version of this helmet and owned the market I would have bought one, but since Bell/Giro is going to ignore their own research, I guess my next helmet will be a Scott Stego.

  • the-one1 says:

    I like mine, but the only thing that sucks about it is there is no sweat band across the front. So sweat drips between the channels and into my eyes.

  • Jerry Hazard says:

    Was not a fan of this helmet. Sad, because I love my Remedy full-face.

    The fit was just okay for me. Side to side it was solid, but fore/after it would wiggle and wander. The visor/front frequently slid forward in to my field of view. If I ran the retention system uber tight, it would stay put, but was not comfortable.

    Also found that sweat poured freely. Especially in to my eyes.

    I was able to mount my Magicshine light to the top of the helmet with no issues.

    Like most helmets out now, the velcro which I assume is intended to hold padding in place – fails to do it’s job very long. Adding more is not a problem, but the consumer shouldn’t have to.

    For all my complaints, I have to admit the helmet is tough. I put three moderate sized gouges in it a couple weeks ago, but barely felt the brunt of the impact on my noggin. So, in that regards it works very well. I think I just suffer from an oddly shaped head or something.

    I’d by another Remedy/full-face, but not the Feature. Tried on a friends Bell Super and was instantly hooked. Great Fit, feel all around.

  • r1Gel says:

    Interested to know how the venting of the Feature compares to that of the Bell Stoker’s

  • Mtb4mySoul says:

    Considering this helmet…I’ve recently purchased the Bell Super online, going off the great reviews it had. The helmet fit nicely, but what nobody mentions or commented; its freaking wide as hell, and looks like a mushroom on my head. After seeing authors photos; the Giro Feature looks slightly narrow than the Bell Super. Will give it a go…

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