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MET Parabellum

Editor’s Note: This review is part of the Mtbr All Mountain Helmet Shootout.


From the innovators at MET of Italy comes the Parabellum helmet. We’ll open this review by stating that this helmet is not CPSC approved and thus cannot be sold in the US by a US retailer. It doesn’t mean that it’s unsafe however as this helmet has passed all the European (arguably better) laws. It just takes so much time and money to pass the CPSC laws that some European manufacturers can’t make economic sense of it until they hit larger sales volumes.

The helmet has a lot of coverage, features, and is stylish, well-ventilated and light. It’s become one of our favorite helmets as it’s a lot like the Bell Super but 130 grams lighter.


Fit, Pads and Retention System

Fit is awesome for our more ‘oval-shaped’ head. We get no hotspots a the usual two spots on the top back of the head as this helmet shell seems to be in contact with all parts of the head. Padding is sufficient and well-positioned.

MET Parabellum

The lower retention mechanism is effective and easy to adjust. Micro adjustments are easy to dial in. But since the helmet fits our head so well, the lower halo mechanism is not as necessary as with most helmets these days.


Ventilation is this helmet’s strong suit. Not only are there a ton of vents, they are large sized and well shaped to drive air in to the helmet. With the huge visor tilted up as well, even more air is funneled into the forward vents.

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  • Denis Nolan says:

    I really liked this helmet and intended buying one, but the medium was a tad too small and the large too big. It’s the downside of making only two sizes and trying to use cradle adjustment to cover the gaps. I’ve also talked to female riders for whom the medium is just too big, and no small is available. Bought a TLD 1 instead. Fits great.

  • Verbl Kint says:

    A bit excessive in price, to be honest. $200 doesn’t seem reasonable when the Giro Feature can be had for $75. The only way I would consider this would be if I were racing in the desert.

  • Steve S says:

    The repeated references to “our head” are cracking me up. How many people share this particular head? 🙂

  • Jo McAleer says:

    Hi Denis,

    Thanks for your feedback on sizing. What size is your head and was it the Parabellum you tried on?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Jo McAleer
    International sales manager – MET SpA

    • Rick Burton says:

      Love the look and features of this helmet. Sizing is a concern though. My head is 58.42cm so what size should I get. Hate to drop so much $ on a helmet and have it not fit. I live in the US so returning it for a larger size would be expensive.

    • izi says:

      Have the same sizing issue… My head is about 58cm. The medium fits but a bit tight even when the dial is fully extended. The large seems too big.

  • tyrebyter says:

    Like the coverage of the Bell Super, but it sure is hot and heavy. Would like to try a Uvex Quatro, but my LBS can’t order one without becoming a Magura dealer (stupid). So, is this thing going to be distributed in the US through the normal channels?

  • Trond says:

    Same issue with size…interested in the Parachute but my head is 58,5..between the two sizes (medium goes to 58, large from 59…) Guess I have to wait until I find it in a shop where I can test it…

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