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Handmade American quality, exceptional versatility and silky smooth performance; all with an affordable price tag that simply VerHauens the competition.

At only $1,049 for the frameset, the Vassago VerHauen is a standout American-made value.

Singlespeeding is about simplicity. Stripping away all the unnecessary in the name of economy. No shifters. No derailleurs. No thinking. Just riding. And suffering. Lots of it. As simple as singlespeeding can be, there are still hassles to deal with; namely a suspension fork. Setting air pressure, replacing seals and rebuilding dampers can be a big pain in the ass for the most hardcore of Luddites.

The simple solution is to just slap a rigid fork on the bike and go ride. Sure, you might rattle the molars out of your skull, but you’ll rarely – if ever – have to spend any time maintaining it. An occasional spray with the garden hose, some chain lube and maybe some refreshed Stan’s sealant every now and again is all that’s needed. A perfect solution for those short on time and money willing to subject themselves to unreasonable amounts of physical abuse.

At 4.6 lbs for the frame and 21 lbs built as tested, the VerHauen is svelte for a steel 29er.

But with the advent of carbon fiber, lightweight steel and big fat tubeless 29-inch tires, riding a rigid mountain bike isn’t nearly as abusive as it used to be. Take for instance the Vassago VerHauen, a versatile hardtail 29er (equipped as a rigid singlespeed for our testing) built right here in the US and A with 100-percent True Temper OX Platinum tubing and outfitted with a Whisky Parts Co. carbon fork, FSA carbon bits and Stan’s NoTubes wheels.

VerHauen means “to slap” in German, and it’s aptly named, because when it comes to overall value, this bike bitch VerHauens virtually every other bike in its price range thanks to handmade American craftsmanship without the handmade American price tag.

The reborn Vassago brand is about offering handmade American quality without the exorbitant price tag.

After briefly shutting down operations in 2011, Vassago has experienced resurgence thanks to new owner Tom Ament, who is committed to reestablishing the cult following Vassago created when the company started in 2005. Ament’s focus with the new Vassago is to feature a line of affordable, fun and high-performance bikes to fit the everyman’s budget.

Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts allow for multiple rear hub configurations and 434 to 456mm chainstay lengths.

The VerHauen is the first product of the reborn Vassago brand, offering an American handmade steel frameset with custom build features including stainless steel seat tube inserts to prevent rusty post syndrome, S-bend stays for exceptional mud clearance, a 44mm head tube to fit a tapered rigid or 80-100mm suspension fork and Paragon Machine Works sliding dropouts for multiple rear wheel and thru-axle options; all at a surprisingly affordable price point of $1,049.

And because of its extremely versatile nature, the VerHauen is a perfect bike for those looking to grow into a frameset. Whether singlespeed, 142mm thru-axle or traditional quick release, virtually any 29er wheelset you have can be used on the Paragon sliding dropouts of the VerHauen.

About the author: Kurt Gensheimer

Kurt Gensheimer thinks the bicycle is man’s most perfect invention. He firmly believes ‘singlespeed’ is a compound word. He sometimes wears a disco ball helmet. He is also known as Genshammer. He is a Gemini and sleeps outside in a hammock.

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  • Zen Bike Fab says:

    They are fun to build!

  • EpicAndy says:

    That’s just not enough bike for you, ASS.

  • Will says:

    I really like that it’s handmade in the US and not too expensive considering that. I just wish I had some money lying around (and I’d prefer smaller wheels).

  • Warren says:

    Got me one of these about two months ago….loving life!

    Bike just checks all the boxes and rides like a dream. Tom is topclass bloke that deals directly with his clients and makes sure you are happy with your purchase.

    Just a bitch shipping it all the way to Africa, but now that its here it was all worth it.

  • Runar Omarsson says:

    “As simple as singlespeeding can be, there are still hassles to deal with; namely a suspension fork. Setting air pressure, replacing seals and rebuilding dampers can be a big pain in the ass for the most hardcore of Luddites.”

    Guys, I’m sending you a Lauf TR29 carbon suspension fork. 990 grams, 60mm of travel, zero maintenance. Just ride! Please send me your address. This bike is great but no reason to “rattle the molars out of your skull” anymore!
    Do you want the Black Gloss or Black Matte version?
    …or do you perhaps not have a tapered headset ?

  • Angry Singlespeeder says:

    Hi Runar,

    Thanks for the note. Would love to test out a Lauf. I just sent an email to sales at laufforks dot com with my contact info.



  • DJ says:

    Lucky ASS, looking forward to your review of the Lauf fork. Hay, Runar if you need another tester, send one to me in Bend Oregon. I’m not angry but love to SS cheers!

  • TG says:

    the frame, not the build

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