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Carbon wheels are a hot market right now and Reynolds Cycling is at the top of the game. We had a recent close-up look at their World Headquarters and R&D facility so we know first hand how committed they are to building quality products. At the Winter Press Camp event, Reynolds was on hand showing their latest line of high end carbon wheels. In fact, their new BlackLabel wheels are at the very top of their wheel lineup.

In this video, Rob Aguero (Director or Sales and Marketing) shows us some of the highlights of the BlackLabel series.

The BlackLabel wheels have a real slick “stealth” look to them due to the black on black sublimated graphics, but as everyone knows, true beauty lies within. Beneath their appearance, the BlackLabel wheels also feature:

  • Reynolds top-of-the-line MR5 carbon rim design
  • DT Swiss 240 centerlock hubset with 15mm and 142/12 axle compatibility
  • DT Swiss Aerolight spokes
  • Available Summer 2014
  • MSRP: $2400

The BlackLabel wheels come in four versions: 27.5 AM, 27.5 XC, 29 TR (trail) and 29 XC and all are tubeless compatible. The weights and rim widths are as follows:

BlackLabel 27.5 AM:
Weight: 1528 grams (set), 710 grams (rim)
Rim Width: External: 31 mm, Internal: 23 mm

BlackLabel 27.5 XC:
Weight: 1435 grams (set)
Rim Width: External: 29 mm, Internal: 21 mm

BlackLabel 29 TR:
Weight: 1600 grams (set), 695 grams (rim)
Rim Width: External: 29 mm, Internal: 21 mm

BlackLabel 29 XC:
Weight: 1440 grams (set), 665 grams (rim)
Rim width: External: 26 mm, Internal: 19 mm

Our Take:

Reynolds Cycling is deeply committed to the carbon wheels market for mountain bikes and their products should definitely be on everyone’s radar. We are eager to get our hands on a set of the BlackLabels for some closer inspection. The ride quality and durability of carbon wheels has to be experienced to be appreciated. These wheels aren’t cheap, but top-of-the-line models never are.

From the Manufacturer:

“BLACKLABEL combines Reynolds’ unsurpassed MR5 carbon rim design with precision DT Swiss components, resulting in purpose-built, performance-oriented wheelsets that surpass expectations of weight, stiffness and acceleration. All wheels in the collection feature black-on-black sublimated graphics.”

For more information, check out their newly redesigned website:

About the author: Gregg Kato

Gregg Kato studied journalism and broadcasting in college while working many different jobs including deejaying, driving a forklift and building web sites (not all at the same time). Kato enjoys riding local Santa Cruz trails. Besides being an avid mountain biker, he is also a motorcycle fanatic. Two wheels, one Passion.

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  • Kenneth says:

    Did they specify any weight limits on the XC and TR wheels ?

  • Pea says:

    ‘on everyones radar’ unless you happen to want a set of 26″ wheels that is!!

  • g says:

    Still way too high in price to consider.
    Agreed with Light Bicycle comment!
    At $1000 I’d consider but not > 2K !!!

  • rockhop says:

    Time for a Reynold’s / Enve shootout.

  • wheel-man says:

    @Matthew Mueller: the number of people shopping for >$2k 26″ XC race wheels has to be exceedingly small these days. Did you not notice the ridiculously low blowout prices for carbon XC 26″ wheels this winter? Clearly, not enough people are buying anymore. These wheels look super trick, but are a bit on the narrow side given their weight. Possibly a perfect set of CX wheels though.

  • rocky hoppin says:

    29er w/19mm rim, racerboy only, too much money but at least they got the best hubs and spokes, finally. are those weights flipped for the TR and AM 27.18 sets?

  • Roger says:

    26″ size is still 80% of the market! But yeah, keep ramming down the 27.5 and 29ers, eventually people will buy em! I would have fired people at Reynolds for not addressing the 80%!

  • Derek says:

    the price point is ridiculous. black label or purple or white label. I wish them success but they aren’t going to sell many at that price point. I was excited to see these, until I heard the price. I’ll look elsewhere

  • mahler says:

    Weights don’t add up with the parts specified, e.g. BlackLabel 29 XC lists 1440 grams for wheelset and 665 grams for rims only, but a set built with aftermarket 240s Straight Pull Center Lock hubs, aerolite SP spokes, alloy nipples, and total rim weight provided (even assuming low profile to maximize spoke weight) should be 130+ grams less… must be some really heavy rim tape and valves if inclusive… (350 hubs are heavier…)

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