Reynolds Cycling Factory Tour – Wheel Torture Lab

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Raw Materials

The creation process starts with the raw materials, which means aluminum and carbon fiber. Raw carbon in rolls are kept in cold storage until needed. Here we see raw sheets of carbon fiber that will be impregnated with resin and then packed together on a vacuum table.

The next stop on our tour was an example of the etching that is possible with the carbon.

The Cutting Edge machine cut out the Reynolds logo during our tour.

The carbon is cut into specific size strips and then the pieces are laid by hand into the molds to create the rim. Then the spokes are attached and the hub is attached. Then they are clamped together and then baked in an oven. The Utah HQ has 2 ovens (and one original Paul Lew bought pizza oven) that are used for the heating process. The factory in China has 20 such ovens.

Paul Lew holds up a carbon spoke with green adhesive on it.

After the carbon rim is hand laid, carbon spokes are attached and the hub is attached.

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  • pressendye says:

    My Reynolds wheelset needs tightening up every other ride. And I broke 6 teeth in the freehub. There’s no point in sending them back because their returns department is awful and I haven’t the will / time to f*** around.

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