Riding North Vancouver trails with Geoff Kabush

The XC star can rail it on tech terrain

Chasing Trail Geoff Kabush

If only all cities had trails like these in their backyards! Photo by SCOTT/Margus Riga

Editor’s note: Story by Sam Flanagan with photos by SCOTT/Margus Riga.

Geoff Kabush is best known for traveling the world and tearing up the global cross-country racing circuit, where he rips around on a quiver of anorexic hardtails and short-travel XC bikes. But those who know him will tell you that that his heart and soul are rooted in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and Canada.

Don’t believe us? Let’s put Geoff “on trail,” so to speak.

We will argue here that Kabush is equally as adept on a trail bike, alone in a dark, dank, loamy forest, as he is on a man-made, manicured, and manic World Cup course.

We gathered the supporting evidence and present it here for your review. Make your own judgment, but make no mistake – Kabush knows his way around a trail bike.

Chasing Trail Geoff Kabush

His technical descending skills are an asset as the World Cup XC courses become more demanding.

To begin this hearing, the prosecution submits into evidence Exhibit A: Geoff’s 1-minute margin of victory in the 2016 Trans-Cascadia, a burly 18-stage backcountry enduro. With typical modesty after the race, he said, “I just wanted to come down and have some fun! These guys put on an awesome event in a really fun place to ride. I rode the trails as fast as I could and I think it went pretty well.”

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