Rock Shox announces new Reverb Stealth dropper

Vent valve - Taking out squish, options for smaller frames and internal cable routing.

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Rock Shox announces new Reverb Stealth dropper

The dropper post has come along way from a seemingly novel idea to a necessity for shredding trails. The ability to drop it like its hot at a seconds notice is appreciated by all riders from cross country to downhill.  Technology is blasting forward and Rock Shox innovation team lead the charge with the AXS electronic/wireless dropper. In Rock Shox fashion – the updates and tech have trickled down the line and the popular Reverb rises with all new internals, updates and sizing.

Key features
  • Minimal length for the maximum drop. New shorter overall post length allows the fit of a longer travel dropper on more bikes.
  • New internals decreases the amount of drop force needed by over 50%.
  • New grease, a new Internal Floating Piston (IFP), and new Reverb Serene Fluid developed by Maxima (same as signature forks) to reduce friction, and result in faster actuation and return speed in all conditions.
  • New Vent Valve technology, a simple and reliable built-in service solution without disassembly of the seatpost.
  • New Longer travel post options in 175mm and 200mm.
  • Stealth internal cable routing for a clean finish.
  • Speed adjustment to fine tune the return speed of the post to your liking.

Updates to travel and droppers to fit more frames

Rockshox now offers dropper travel options of 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, and 200mm, with total seatpost lengths of 301mm, 351mm, 414mm, 467mm and 519.5mm, respectively. A shorter overall post length allows riders to get more travel than previous Rockshox Droppers, on the same bike frame – good news for smaller riders who have trouble finding frames that fit.

All New – Vent Valve service feature

Over time, air and oil may mix resulting in that annoying post “squish” and the need for additional service. Vent Valve Technology allows you to do this simple service within a few steps without disassembly of the post. Simply depress the Vent Valve, compress the post, and you’re good to go – squish eliminated.

Details and pricing
  • Post Diameter: 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
  • Travel : 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm
  • Post Length : 301mm, 351mm, 414mm, 467mm, 519.5mm
  • Remote: 1X, Standard (L-Below, R-Above)
  • Standard Remote $349
  • 1X Remote $399

Mounting comes as a standard mount or discrete clamp, depending on the remote option. The new Reverb Stealth will be available June 30, 2019, so get your thumbs ready!

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About the author: Jordan Villella

Jordan comes from the steep streets of Pittsburgh PA, where he learned to dodge cars and rip single track. He has been involved in nearly every aspect of the cycling industry: from turning wrenches, store design, clothing production and bike park creation. Jordan spends his free time racing cross country and cyclocross around North America, though he has been know to enduro every now and then. His love of cycling is only second to his love of his family and punk rock.

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  • RideHardNotPretty says:

    Wouldnt it be better to fix the post design so it did not sag?

    Then, there would be no need for a Vent Valve…..Or am I thinking too logically again?

  • stu shapley says:

    Or you can get a PNW dropper, which eliminates the pointless complexity of hydraulics in your seatpost.

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