RockyMounts new low profile TomaHawk bike rack

Wallet friendly roof rack compatible with wide array of wheel sizes

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The new Tomahawk roof rack can accommodate everything from 20” BMX wheels to massive fat bike tires.

The new RockyMounts TomaHawk roof rack (click to enlarge).

RockyMounts latest roof rack is the TomaHawk, which retails for $160 and can accommodate virtually any type of bike without additional adapters.

The Tomahawk works with tires up to 5” wide.

The TomaHawk works with everything from BMX bikes to fat bikes with 5” tires (click to enlarge).

The latest from the Colorado-based brand is rated to carry up to 35 pounds and fits up to 5” wide fat bike tires. It shares many features with the brand’s BrassKnuckle model, but cost $40 less.

The slim profile of the racks help reduce noise.

The slim profile of the racks help reduce noise (click to enlarge).

Both models use a no-frame contact design, which uses a ratcheted hook to clamp down on the front wheel, and a pair of wheel straps for added security. The swingarm itself can be adjusted for either driver side or passenger side convenience.

The locking cores are sold separately and a set of two retails for $19.99.

The locking cores are sold separately and a set of two retails for $20 (click to enlarge).

The Tomahawk is also compatible with the RockyMounts locking system, which allows you to lock the bike to the rack and the rack to the car.

For more info, visit RockyMounts at

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  • Don says:

    35 pounds? Carbon fat bikes only then I guess

    • Dave says:

      Thanks…I was going to comment on that too. Was surprised when I saw that in the manual; something marketed towards fatbikes that only holds up to 35 lbs, brilliant!

  • Dave says:

    I’ve got this rack, and while it is versatile in that it fits up to a fat bike with ease, it was one major flaw in my book. It’s a complete PITA to mount and dismount, which is a problem if you like to frequently free up your bars for other uses. The front and back each require 4 long allen bolts, that’s 8 total, to connect the plates (a rudimentary design) and take forever to get on and off. Also, the rear end-cap will need to be removed to slide the rear bracket out to remove from the rear crossbar…I have a feeling that is going to be pretty difficult since it wasn’t easy to slide in. I don’t know how their other bike racks work, but for $160 for a single bike holder, Rockymounts really should’ve come up with a better system (or copy other 20-year-old designs).

    Getting the bike in and out is pretty easy, but unless you want to put this on and leave it on, then I’d recommend looking elsewhere. Also, one rack requires two lock cores, fyi.

  • gil says:

    looks like a thule sidearm

  • Bruno says:

    Thanks for the interest in the TomaHawk! We designed it to provide universal bike and roof crossbar compatibility at a great price. For heavier bikes and quick removal and re-installation features, please take a look at our BrassKnuckles, which addresses both of those needs for just $40 more.

  • Paul says:

    Of all the roof racks I have tried for my fatty bike, this has been the best for the following reasons:

    1) A fat bike actually fits on it without any adjustments and the wheels straps can clamp into the widest fat tires available.

    2) On my Thule T2, I had to widen the front wheel holder to fit the Surly Bud. I also had to get longer wheel strap to fit the fat wheels. And since my Surly Ice Cream Truck has a really wide fork, the T2’s wheel clamp had to be jiggled into place to clamp into the front wheel. The Thule’s sidearm is not wide enough for a fat bike or high enough to go over the front wheel. The T2 was perfect for my 29er but it was definitely not made for a fat bike.

    3) It can be locked safely into my cross bars and the bike can be locked into my rack. For the person who commented that it needs two lock cores. Guess what? Thule needs two lock cores as well.

    4) It can also fit my Road bike, Tri Bike, 29er and even my son’s 24 incher. Pretty versatile.

    and the best reason…

    5) This is really cheap compared to the T2. I got mine brand new for $119, shipped. Cannot see how the T2 or the 1up can beat that price.

  • Dave says:

    How is secure even with the lock cores? Cant you just remove the quick release on the front wheel and take the frame and then the wheel?

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