Round up: Eight new pedals for the flat-out-foot-out crowd

2016 trends include size specific platforms and hybrid flat/clipless designs


Innovation in the flat pedal market has been relatively stagnant in recent years. There are only so many different ways you can combine pins and bushings. But this year several brands are introducing size specific platforms. Based off analyzing the tread of popular shoe brands, these new flats optimize platform area and pin location for improved performance. Taking an altogether different approach, there are a number of small teams working on next generation hybrid designs, that combine the best traits of both flats and clipless. We’re not sure if either approach will take off, but read on to learn why they might. And then tell us would you buy a pair of size specific platforms? Or is bigger always better?

Size specific platforms are the biggest trend in flats this year.

Size specific platforms such as the new Crankbrothers Stamp is the most prominent trend in flats this year.

Crankbrothers Stamp

The Crankbrothers 5050 pedals have always been among the coolest looking flat pedals on the market, but they had some issues with reliability. Crankbrothers hopes to shake that reputation with its new Stamp pedals. These new platforms use a concave body made of forged 6061 aluminum, a forged chromoly axle, and two igus glide bearings. They have 10 removable pins per side and taper from an outer thickness or 13mm to a center width of 11mm.

They’re also available in two different sizes. The smaller 100x100mm option is optimized for riders with shoes between 5-10 (37-43mm), while the massive 114x111mm platform is best suited for those with size 10-15 (43-49) hooves. The pedals are due this holiday season and retail is set at $150. To learn more about the pedals, check out our full coverage of their Eurobike booth here and visit

The new Spank Spoon is a classic retelling of Goldilocks and the three pedals, err, bears.

The new Spank Spoon is a classic retelling of Goldilocks and the three pedals, err, bears.

Spank Spoon

The new Spank Spoon is available in three different sizes to accommodate riders of all sizes. The smallest is 90mm wide and best suited to riders wearing a size 6 (Euro 38) or smaller. The 100mm pedal is for riders who wear size 7-10 (Euro 39-44) shoes, while the 110mm version if for anyone with large feet (Euro 45+) or who pedals in oversized winter gear. All three of these pedals share a concave shape. The outer lip is 14mm thick and tapers down to 12mm at the axle. The pins mimic this design, with the front and back rows being taller than the center pins. The pedals have ten replaceable pins per side. They use an industrial sealed bearing on the outside and in inboard igus polymer bushing. Weight for the three options is 365 grams (90), 395 grams (100), and 415 grams (110). MSRP is $95. Learn more at

We loved the original Point One Podiums, how will Gamut improve on perfection?

We loved the original Point One Podiums. How will Gamut improve on perfection?

Gamut Podium

A few years ago a small brand named Point One released one of the best flat pedals we’ve ridden. They looked fantastic and had phenomenal grip, but their product delivery (and customer service) often left something to be desired. The brand was acquired by Gamut USA last year and they’re on track to release a new version this November. This pedal uses a 100x100mm forged aluminum body that is 10mm wide on the outside and tapers down to 8mm at the center. Weight is 295g and price is set at $170. Learn more at

Innovation doesn’t have to be pretty.

Innovation doesn’t have to be pretty.

Klein Design Honeycomb

While mountain bike riders have long been divided into either flat pedal or clipless aficionados, Klein Design is hoping to strike a balance between the two with its new pedal/shoe interface, which uses an interlocking honeycomb pattern to offer the flexibility of a flat pedal with the improved retention of clips. The design duo behind the project was showcasing prototypes last month at Interbike and recently launched a failed Kickstarter campaign. They were aiming for a $275 price point for shoe and pedal, but we are unsure of their current plans. Stay tuned.

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