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Salsa Cycles has three new Riding Tee’s:

  • the Striped Riding Tee (brown)
  • the Peace Riding Tee (blue)
  • the Peppers Riding Tee (green)

MSRP: $52.95
img_5596.jpgThese are T-shirt style jerseys that are comfortable on or off the bike. Though not a new concept, we were excited to try these new jerseys because they looked cool! Plus the material seemed really soft and light.

These run a little large so size I tested in all the photos is a size Small. I’m 5’8″ 145 lbs and normally wear medium jerseys.

I’ll pay it the highest compliment and say that I wear them even when I’m not on the bike. They are just so darn comfortable, specially on warm days. On the bike, they are hardly noticeable too and provide a lot of ventilation on hot exposed climbs. A lot of riding t-shirt jerseys get a bit hot due to the lack of a zipper. But the Salsa Riding Tee uses such a light and breathable material that it is cool enough even on hot days.

img_4271.jpg img_4273.jpg img_4278.jpg

There are no pockets on this jersey since it’s a t-shirt style. A camelback will easily solve the storage issues and is the expected riding setup. So if you’re a water-bottle, pocket-stuffer kind of guy, you’ll have to think of another place to store your patch kit and essentials. On warm days, we like the feeling of having nothing on the back and having better ventilation. So we used a saddle bag and water bottles with this Riding Tee.

img_5824.jpgOne disadvantage we found is the jersey material can run when snagged. Thus be careful when washing these and remove any velcro material from the same load as it will damage this jersey.

So the styling is excellent and comfort is top notch. It looks great both on and off the bike and that’s quite an accomplishment for lycra.


It’s a little expensive for what it is given there’s no zippers or pockets. But beyond that, it’s one of the best executions of the riding t-shirt. It’s comfortable and it looks good. We would have given it a perfect rating if the material was more durable and less susceptible to snags. But if you take good care of this jersey, it will become one of your favorites.

Value Rating:

4 out of 5 Stars

Overall Rating:

4.5 out of 5 Stars


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  • Anonymous says:

    “These run a little large so size I tested in all the photos is a size Small. I’m 5′8″ 145 lbs and normally wear medium jerseys.”

    That is because S is the new M – you are being out grown Francis.

    Think Texas size!

    Also, what is up w/ that 2″ of travel up front on that Nomad?

  • Anonymous says:

    “Also, what is up w/ that 2″ of travel up front on that Nomad?”

    That’s a prototype Fox shock. Talas – Alleycat edition.


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