Salsa’s new Rangefinder hardtails are fun and affordable

Salsa Rangefinder will bring mountain biking greatness to the masses

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Salsa Announces New Rangefinder Line

The Salsa Rangefinder is the newest addition to it’s expanding adventure and hardtail catalog. The new hardtail sits next to the Timberjack with an affordable price, modern trail geometry and lots of great build choices. The Rangefinder looks to make the mountains and trails more accessible to the masses without compromising ride quality and feel.

2020 Salsa RangerFinder

Rangefinder, a new hardtail MTB platform from camp at Salsa. The rangefinder is Salsa’s new confidence-building trail hardtail, designed to deliver thrills on local singletrack or venture into unknown territory without hesitation. The alloy hardtail boasts modern geometry and spec – the Salsa Rangefinder looks to bring mountain biking greatness to the masses.

Salsa RangerFinder Highlights

  • 6061-T6 alloy frame 
  • Boost QR 141 rear spacing 
  • Internal routing for brakes, dropper, and shifting
  • Room for up to 27.5×3.0 or 29×2.6 tires 
  • 120mm travel fork with lockout 
  • Salsa EXP series mounts for easy exploration outfitting 
  • 5 Sizes to choose from XS-XL 

Geometry and Ride

On paper, the RangeFinder trail geometry looks fantastic for tackling technical terrain, with a short stem and a long top tube. The 63-degree head tube and 439mm chainstays allow for nimble handling without compromise in the climbing department. We’re eager to see how the RangeFinder will stack up against the others in the Salsa line. 

Salsa Rangefinder Pricing

  • Rangefinder SX Eagle 29 MSRP $1299
  • Rangefinder SX Eagle 27.5+ MSRP $1299
  • Rangefinder Deore 29 MSRP $1099
  • Rangefinder Deore 27.5+ MSRP $1099


2020 Salsa Timberjack

2020 Timberjack models; Timberjack is a trail hardtail built to tackle a wide range of trail types. It is for riders seeking a fun, predictable, and adaptable all-arounder for exploring trails near and far. The Timberjack hardtail now comes in multiple model levels and colors, in both 29er and 27.5+ wheel sizes, all of which now feature dropper seatposts: (Note: these Timberjack additions feature new colorways, graphics, and specs, but not a frameset redesign.)

Salsa Timberjack Highlights

  • 130mm travel suspension fork  
  • 6061-T6 alloy frame 
  • 67.4-degree headtube 
  • Internal routing for brakes, dropper, and shifting
  • 420-437mm chainstays allow for tuneable ride quality 
  • Room for up to 27.5 X 3.0 or 29 X 2.6 tire 
  • 120mm forks 
  • Salsa EXP series mounts for easy exploration outfitting 
  • 5 Sizes to choose from XS-XL 


Pricing 2020 Salsa Timberjack 

  • Timberjack XT 29 MSRP $1999
  • Timberjack XT 27.5+ MSRP $1999
  • Timberjack SLX 29 MSRP $1699
  • Timberjack SLX 27.5+ MSRP $1699

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About the author: Jordan Villella

Jordan comes from the steep streets of Pittsburgh PA, where he learned to dodge cars and rip single track. He has been involved in nearly every aspect of the cycling industry: from turning wrenches, store design, clothing production and bike park creation. Jordan spends his free time racing cross country and cyclocross around North America, though he has been know to enduro every now and then. His love of cycling is only second to his love of his family and punk rock.

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  • John says:

    Rangefinder 68 degree head tube

  • Attilio says:

    I love my new Salsa Rangefinder. It’s basically an entry level high end mountain bike. Everything is pretty nice about it and it runs beautifully down the trail. Nice controls, nice drivetrain, nice chassis, predictable and easy to control as well as rugged and damage resistant to my modest skills; kudos to the build! I am a very careful and shy rider so I know this bike will out-ride me for a very long time and honestly I never will be taking forest trails quickly, with aplomb, never mind all those jumps and scary technical “things”. That’s what hiking your bike is for. That said for just pedaling and riding down your favorite trail as long as conditions aren’t too crazy the Rangefinder is your ticket. It’s way better than a cheap mountain bike and to the novices who would be looking at it have plenty of room to grow. The price is reasonable enough that you still have money to fix things that may eventually break or take lessons or go on trips to expand your skills and in this regard to do any better you’d first off need a much better set of abilities that most of the buyers of this bike won’t yet have but this easy and predictable bike will help you build. One word about the reasonable price is the maintenance as the shocks are very durable and will last about a year even with fairly extensive use; most bike shops can overhaul them for less than $100 which is significantly less than the real high end, dedicated full suspension bikes. And to get a bike like that which is obviously nicer and better than what is available at the Rangefinder’s pricepoint you have to spend significantly more money.

    If you’re new to mountain biking and want a bike that gives you most of what the rides you’d really have to stretch for offer, something to grow with you, something you can thrash and play with as your skills grow without being afraid of breaking something very expensive, or something to just keep you safe and stable as you calmly ride your favorite forest trails that you normally hike with a pair of hiking shoes, maybe even boots, the Rangefinder is your ticket.

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