Sam Pilgrim’s Freeride Mountain Bike Journey Through Japan


Sam Pilgrim is one of the most well-traveled riders on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour. He’s competed all over the globe, experiencing wildly diverse cultures and meeting people from every walk of life imaginable. He has met people that don’t share a common language, religion, value system or worldview, but the one thing that they do share is a pervasive love of mountain biking culture, and that alone is enough to tie them together. Currently, the FMB World Tour travels to The USA, Canada, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Italy, The UK, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain. An impressive list, to be sure, but one that is remarkably devoid of any Asian nations. The reason for this is simple: there just isn’t much mountain biking – let alone freeride mountain biking – in Asia.

Pilgrimage is the story of Sam’s journey through Japan, and his search for the seeds of a freeride movement there. The love of biking is a universal human feeling, and it is one that the Japanese people understand innately. Pilgrimage hopes to galvanize that feeling as a first step toward opening up Asia to the world of freeride mountain biking for generations to come.

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  • Scott says:

    I just got back from 11 days over in Japan! I didn’t get to bring my bikes this time but I will be back to ride next time! Such a great country and culture, I love the people.. everyone is so happy there!! Bike parks would be the ultimate addition to such a great place!

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