San Diego trail builder elevates pump tracks to an art form

Beautiful tracks scale to meet riders of all skill levels



All photos by Erica Schneider/Acres of Hope Photography

Deven Schneider’s dreams of getting kids unhooked from their devices and into the real world by building bike tracks that provide a fun riding experience for experts and beginners alike. And by the looks of the new track his excavation and grading company is building near San Diego, Calif. he makes a pretty compelling case.

“My dream is to build this style of pump track and bike park for counties across the US,” Scheider said. “A track like this would fit perfectly next to publicly funded skateparks and has such an easier level of entry for building skills as opposed to dropping into a vert ramp.”

This 12,000 square foot build includes it’s own irrigation system, and aquifer and 29 fruit trees. To make the park scalable to rider skill levels Schneider made the track rollable for beginners, but strategically placed transfer lines so even experts and pros are challenged.

Check the gallery below for more mazing photos of this build.

More info: Schneider Grading & Excavation on Facebook

About the author: Don Palermini

Chicago-born Don Palermini became a cycling-based life-form in the sixth grade after completing a family road bike tour of his home state. Three years later he bought his first mountain bike to help mitigate the city's pothole-strewn streets, and began exploring the region's unpaved roads and trails. Those rides sparked a much larger journey which includes all manner of bike racing, commuting, on- and off-road bike advocacy, and a 20-plus-year marketing career in the cycling industry that landed him at his current gig with Santa Cruz bicycles. Now residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, his four favorite words in the English language are "breakfast served all day," together in that order.

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  • JHill says:

    Where is this? Is it open to the public?

  • Deven Schneider says:

    Sorry for the mix up guys … This track is a private build in east county … Cole grade road is the Valley Center Bike Park; San Diego’s first public bike park that Steve Ford of Gravity Cycling Inc got approved and is currently building … Valley center is being built by volunteers and donations … My dream is to one day get the funding skate parks get to build a pumptrack and bike park like this.

  • leadmoto says:

    This is not the Valley Center Bike Park. VCBP is at Valley Center Road and Cole Grade Road near the Ball Fields. Valley Center Bike Park is looking for all forms of support. Get Involved!!! Contact Gravity Cycling Inc.

    Thank you.

  • mjmendoza says:

    This needs to happen in South San Diego too. So awesome, my son would love this.

  • Kim says:

    Hi would love to have this project in Nigeria ! We are expats from South Africa and looking for methods to add life and fun into our life’s and the kids there, please contact me.

  • JD Dallager says:

    Can these pump tracks be made out of concrete (less maintenance/upkeep costs) with trees still in the ground between the track? Thought I saw a recent article of one in Europe that was maintenance free and looked great.

  • bryan says:

    Now that’s the kind of backyard I want, with of course some progressive jumps too!

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