Santa Cruz Blur TR Carbon

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The Blur TRc fits between the Blur XC and the Blur LT models. With 5″ of rear travel, the TRc strikes a solid balance between both.


An entirely new addition to the Santa Cruz family, the Blur TRc defines what Santa Cruz Bicycles think a trail bike should be. Crafted from carbon fiber, featuring our proprietary lay-up process, the frame weighs a scant 5 pounds with shock included. Patented VPP suspension offers 5 inches of travel and combined with the carbon fiber frame, chassis rigidity is second to none. The top tube length and riding position are evolved from our climb-happy xc bikes – a bit more stretched out than on our longer travel rigs – but mated to a relaxed head angle that is sure to make any dedicated gravity fiend weep with joy.

Available in Matte Carbon/Green or Gloss Carbon/Orange

$2699 US MSRP frame with Fox RP23 – Complete bikes from $3799

Check out the discussion thread about these new bikes in the Santa Cruz Forum!

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  • Gregg says:

    with carbon and aluminum versions of both the Blur XC and Blur LT, I wonder how long till we see a carbon version of the TR? Kind of like how they rolled out the Tallboy Carbon first, then released the Al version now.

    I’d still up for the carbon version, though.

  • Lee says:

    What travel fork is it designed around? Will 140mm work?

  • Scott says:

    I am not sure I get the differentiation between the LT and the TR. Which would I buy? I guess I need to wait to see the geometry specs, but the bikes seem to fill the same role. They definitely have the 4” to 6” range covered: 4”, 5”, 5.5” & 6.5”. What is strange is the big hole between the nomad and the driver 8. Where is their “freeride” bike? The driver 8 is too park-oriented to be pedaled uphill and the Nomad is too light for serious North Shore riding. Carbon VPFree, anyone? Yes I remember the Bullet, but it is not the same quality.

    I would be sweet if they bumped up the LT to 6” and the Nomad to 7”.

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