Santa Cruz/SRAM Team custom painted Hightowers

The wild Enduro World Series rides of Iago Garay, Mark Scott, and Josh Lewis

29er Enduro
Santa Cruz Hightower EWS Mark Scot

Santa Cruz gave each of these Enduro World Series bikes a custom paint scheme based on the EWS Logo. Photo by Mike Thomas

This year, the Santa Cruz Bikes/SRAM EWS Team consists of three riders, Iago Garay, Mark Scott, and Josh Lewis. Each will be riding a Hightower, which has been given a custom paint scheme based on the Enduro World Series logo.

Santa Cruz Hightower EWS Side

The EWS logo is a colorful globe. It served as the inspiration for this wild paint scheme. Photo by Mike Thomas

Santa Cruz Hightower EWS Mark Scott

Mark Scott’s bike has a white base coat. Photo by Mike Thomas

Despite sharing the same basic design, each has a unique base color.

Santa Cruz Hightower EWS Mark Scot

Mark seems to be enjoying his new ride. Photo by Gary Perkin

Santa Cruz Hightower EWS Josh Lewis

So enduro. Photo by Gary Perkin

For Josh Lewis, Santa Cruz went with black.

Santa Cruz Hightower EWS Iago Garay

Matching grips for the win! Photo by Gary Perkin

And for Iago Garay, Mr. #Doyouevendrift, a powder blue base coat with matching grips. Want to see the bikes in action? Click play to see the boys join Jamie Nicoll on a New Zealand adventure between the NZ Enduro and the first Enduro World Series race in Rotorua.

Would you rock one of these custom Hightower’s? Which one is your favorite?

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