Sea Otter Video: Kappius KR29 carbon rims 2014

29er Components Sea Otter Classic Video

Kappius Components launched their new KR29 rim at Sea Otter this year and Kappius President Brady Kappius stopped by the Mtbr booth to show us the goods.  The KR29 is a full carbon fiber 29er clincher mountain bike rim featuring a 30mm external width, offset spoke bed, and shallow center channel designed to ease tire inflation via floor pump.  A beadlock system allows the clincher to fit cleanly into the recess for the bead and external nipples make for easy building and truing.

The 29-inch version is available now, with a 27.5-inch version planned for later this summer.  The KR29 is priced at $599 and will be available in full wheelsets, built onto Kappius’ KH-1, KH-1.5 or KH-2 hubs.  For more information, visit

About the author: Emily Neuman

A veteran of the both the bike and hospitality industries contributor Emily Neuman can spin a tale, then mix a drink to go along with it. Though she only found Cycling (hey, some people capitalize god) in the past few years, her quiver of bicycles reflects an enthusiastic gusto for the sport/culture/funness. Road, mountain, cross, commute—it doesn’t matter. Emily on a bike is a rolling smile that emits squeaks of joy and excitement.

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  • Dan says:

    I can’t wait for the 27.5 models to arrive this summer. I’m definitely interested if it truly measures out in the low 1400 gram range.

  • PinkFloydLandis says:

    I like the rim designs (offset spoke beds, better tubeless bead seating shape, etc) from Derby, Nox, and now Kappius better than the rims from Light Bicycle. But I just can’t justify the 3X or more price difference compared to rims direct from Light Bicycle. At $600/rim, Kappius is the most flagrant among these small sellers. When I can buy domestically for $300-350 versus from China at $200/rim shipped, then I’ll seriously consider the domestic sellers. But at $600/rim, its a categorical no.

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