Sea Otter Video: Spank Oozy Trail 295 wheels & Oozy Trail pedals 2014

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Spank Industries Global Brand Manager Mike Dutton details the new Oozy Trail 295 Bead Bite wheelset and Oozy Trail pedal at Sea Otter 2014. The Oozy Trail 295 utilizes a wide rim (29.5 outer width, 24.5 inner spread) to provide higher air volume and more tire spread, states Dutton, adding to comfort and traction. A proprietary Bead Bite design employs tiny sets of teeth on the bead to create air seals and help provide friction on the bead, aiming to reduce burping and pinch flats.

The Oozy Trail pedal pulls from the Spike, featuring the same shape and large platform, but has been weight-optimized for trail bike use, coming in at 360g. Each 12mm-thick pedal has 20 adjustable pins. For more information visit

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  • 29erchico says:

    Those ARE NOT wide rims!

    Offer up some 28mm internal, or wider, rims along with offset spoke bed and you will have my, and many other MTB’ers who know what sweet rims are, attention.

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