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WickWerks Engineer Eldon Goates starts off our conversation by proclaiming WickWerks chainrings to be the “fastest shifting chainrings in the world.” He then talks us through the engineering in support of this claim. WickWerks chainrings have ramps around the inside of the chainring specifically designed to pick up the chain under multiple joints, with the idea that this setup makes it much more likely for the chain to stay on the shift ramp and complete the shift.

Goates follows up with a demonstration of shifting that shows the chain engaged within ¼ turn of the crank. WickWerks chains are available for road, mountain and cyclocross bikes. Check out the video for a full description and learn more online at

About the author: Emily Neuman

A veteran of the both the bike and hospitality industries contributor Emily Neuman can spin a tale, then mix a drink to go along with it. Though she only found Cycling (hey, some people capitalize god) in the past few years, her quiver of bicycles reflects an enthusiastic gusto for the sport/culture/funness. Road, mountain, cross, commute—it doesn’t matter. Emily on a bike is a rolling smile that emits squeaks of joy and excitement.

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  • taylor says:

    I would of clamped the seat post in the stand, but I’m not everyone.

  • MBR says:

    Great product to give the big names some competition, but they need to offer single chainring replacements. Their web site suggest you have to buy 2X drivetrain rings in pairs…

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