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Di2 is now more affordable and configurable with smartphones

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The unveiling was done at the San Jose Tech Museum.

The unveiling was done at the San Jose Tech Museum (click to enlarge).

Shimano today announced that Di2 will now be available in the Shimano XT level. This means that expensive technology previously only available in XTR will now be within reach of many consumers.

Video: Going through the gears on a 1×11 system with 11-46 cassette.

In addition, the XT and XTR Di2 systems can now be configured with a tablet or smart phone. Previously, it was only configurable with a wired connection to a Windows PC computer. This welcome development will make the flexibility of the Di2 system much more accessible to most users.

The shifter has also been improved on the XT system to make the two triggers more distinct from each other in terms of location and reach. This seems to bring the shifters more familiar to existing mechanical trigger users.

The 1x11 XT drivetrain is now available in Di2.

The 1×11 XT drivetrain is now available in Di2 (click to enlarge).

Shimano Deore XT M8050 Di2 electronic shifting integrates with Deore XT M8000 mechanical components in either a 1×11 or 2×11 drivetrain configuration. With increased precision, efficiency and customization of the Di2 electronic system, the original mountain bike component group reinforces its legacy of premium performance and value.

Shimano XT is now available in Di2.

Shimano XT is now available in Di2 (click to enlarge).

Deore XT SW-M8050 Firebolt Shifter

With its advanced ergonomics and shift logic, the new Deore XT SW-M8050 Di2 Firebolt shifters deliver seamless control and instant response. Free from mechanical limitations, Firebolt’s rotary switch design follows the rider’s natural hand movement and features customizable lever ergonomics. The short stroke levers provide light action with a vivid indexed feel to improve shift accuracy even in the roughest trail conditions, while the versatility of Di2’s programmable shift logic allows the rider to custom tune the system to their riding style.

Rear shifter is improved to better distinguish the two triggers.

Rear shifter is improved to better distinguish the two triggers (click to enlarge).

  • Ergonomic rotary shift lever design matches natural hand movement
  • Short stroke, perfect click levers provide faster, more accurate shifting
  • Programmable, multi-shift and Shimano Synchronized Shift functions
  • Dual-directional wire exit cap for versatile routing options
  • Weight: 90g (pcs)
Deore XT Di2 FD-M8070 Front Derailleur / RD-M8050-GS Shimano Shadow RD+ Rear Derailleur

The new Deore XT Di2 M8050 derailleurs blend powerful performance with precise shifting that remains crisp and consistent over time. Featuring auto trim technology and an optimized cage design, the Deore XT Di2 front derailleur tracks the movement of the rear derailleur and delivers perfect shifts from every gear combination. The Shimano Shadow RD+ low-profile geometry and chain stabilizer ensure drivetrain security while the electronic wire transmission maintains consistent performance in all weather and trail conditions.

For riders who want expanded gear range while maintaining a simple rider interface, Shimano Synchronized Shift mode controls both derailleurs via a single Di2 Firebolt shifter. The system selects efficient gear combinations between the front and rear so riders just concentrate on pedaling and controlling the bike.

The rear derailleur can handle up to a 46-tooth cog.

The rear derailleur can handle up to a 46-tooth cog (click to enlarge).

Deore XT Di2 FD-M8070 Front Derailleur

  • More powerful shifting for reliable gear changes
  • Optimized Di2 cage profile and gear tracking improve stability and reduce driving noise
  • Optional synchronized front and rear shifting via a single Firebolt shifter
  • Modular mounting structure
  • Weight: 150g (w/bolt and D adapter)

Deore XT RD-M8050-GS Di2 Shimano Shadow RD+ Rear Derailleur

  • Shifting motor responds instantly to rider input
  • E-Tube electric wire transmission guarantees consistent performance in all conditions
  • Accurate chain position in every gear
  • Programmable, multi-shift and Shimano
  • Synchronized Shift functions
  • Low-profile design keeps derailleur safely away from trail obstacles
  • Shimano Shadow RD+ chain stabilizer with easy adjustment
  • Compatible with CS-M8000 11-46t cassette
  • (1×11) and 11-40/11-42 (2×11)
  • Weight: 329g
Wireless E-tube connectivity delivers handheld customization

Shimano’s Deore XT M8050 Di2 shifting system uses the exclusive E-Tube digital platform, now with integrated ANT private and Bluetooth connectivity via the SC-MT800 Information Display. Utilizing wireless communication, riders can now set up, customize and monitor their Di2 system using Shimano’s expanded E-tube software via a smart phone or tablet computer. ANT private connectivity also facilitates communication with a growing list of cycling computers for a streamlined experience. Mounted to the handlebar, the SC-MT800 is the central rider interface of the XT Di2 system. From the System Information Display, riders can monitor important information such as battery level and toggle performance functions, as well charge the system.

The E-Tube platform is programmable, customizable and allows for expansion and further system integration. Wires are offered in a wide variety of lengths for bikes of all sizes and shapes and cable routing options will connect the various junction points.

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  • Bokchoi Cowboy says:

    What I want to know is can I have a Shimano XT Di2 front and rear derailleur work with one of the Di2 road STI shifter sets (Ultegra, or 105 if they ever release it on that group)? I run a drop-bar mountain bike and that would be the prime setup.

    • Ryan says:

      Good question. I’d be interested in this is if I could run it on my drop bar gravel bike.

    • Aaron says:

      It will not work. Your front and rear derailleurs must be matched as road or mountain. Otherwise the system will lock itself down to prevent damage.

    • Chad says:

      What would be nice is if you could get the blip shifters like you will be able to with SRAM eTap. Especially if you are running something like hydro brakes on your drop bar bike. That way you can add e-shifting without replacing the levers and brakes. Just install the blips on the handlebars wherever you like and ride. So hopefully Shimano will have something like that or SRAM will come out with a med/long cage r/d option for those that want to run 32T+ cassettes.

  • dan says:

    Yes @bokchoi cowboy

  • Mike says:

    What I want to know is what is the story with that giant cog that is of no mention in the article. Is it to say it can work with a huge cog, that is coming soon (it looks bigger than the 46t that’s already been announced).

  • bryan says:

    Did I read it wrong, or is it true it can be configured as 1×11?

  • bryan says:

    I apologize, that was a dumb question. The xtr version was stupid expensive and wasn’t even an option for me. This looks like an attractive and affordable upgrade for one of my bikes that I have been flirting with converting to 1x.

  • Bob says:

    I can’t wait for this to arrive. Totally different justification. I have arthritis in various joints, including thumbs. Even with clean cables, shifting starts to hurt on a bad day. Hopefully the electronic shifting is very light action, and will keep me on the bike.
    I still can’t believe the thing has direct wired connection rather than wireless.

    • Glovett says:

      Direct wired…..1 battery to charge. One time effort to set up the system is required for wired. Then, no need to charge 4 freakin batteries. (or at least 2 and then carry spare 2032s for the shifters……)
      No one seems to get that if you have a wireless system you have to have a battery in the receiving unit because it has no other way to get power.

  • Glovett says:

    Some one said, never have to adjust the derailleurs which is not true. Chain line, upper and lower limit screws, bent hanger…It is not magic people, actually shadow kinda was & I can see it for the front on a 2x. But the shifting at a very low price point on the rear is so good already.
    I run DI2 on the road and it makes lots of sense. The damage I do to rear cage on a mountain bike in the Colorado Rockies. Now if you just ride smooth flow easy stuff, sure go for it ! Or just get a road or gravel bike !

  • DrDon says:

    I have 2X XTR on my bike. It came bundled when I bought it. Stupid expensive but I do like it, I’m a 53yo clyde and it helps me maintain a riding schedule of 5 days a week off road. That being said, I have 1X11 on my other bike. I ride in rocky terrain and so far XTR has been robust as SRAM, which says a lot. Rear cassette weight is less than Eagle, and with a Wolftooth 46 tooth cog, XTR has slightly great range. Cost wise, I feel stronger riders benefit from 1×11, unless you’re frequently climbing in the Rockies or Alps.

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