Should you drop cash to save grams or lose weight?

New tech is great, but being fit is better

Staying in shape is tough over the holidays, but can make a bigger difference in performance than any gift under the tree.

Staying in shape is tough over the holidays, but can make a bigger difference in performance than any gift under the tree.

If you’re a weight weenie, you’ll spend pretty much anything to shed a few grams. But, would you better off spending that money at the gym, shedding some weight around your midsection?

To find out, Global Mountain Bike Network put together an unscientific test. It consisted of three loops on a high end cross country rig. The first lap was the control. For the second, GMBN duct taped a weight low in the frame. On the third lap, they cut out the weight and had their test dummy strap on a weight suit.

In the end, they found that adding a 1kg weight to the frame increased the lap time by 20 seconds. When they placed the weight on the rider, he was 1:10 slower than the base time. What’s most interesting is that he was actually fastest downhill when the bike was a little heavier. Hit play for the full story.

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  • Dan R says:

    Yeah this test needs some work. What’s the point of the drastically different weights? Shouldn’t it be compared kg vs kg? The rider should also wear the unweighted vest for the other two runs too. It seemed like it would restrict motion and possibly airflow. Lastly a control run at the end would be nice too in case the rider is getting tired progressively through the tests. Valid point but poor test. That said I need to lose some weight.

  • ginsu says:

    Well, that’s assuming you’re an overweight slob to begin with. If you’re in good shape, dropping a kilo is more easily done by taking a piss & sh*t before a ride. It’s no good to starve yourself for a ride because you won’t have any energy to do the pedaling, besides the fact that biking while hungry is no fun.

  • SK says:

    Unreliable test for sure but we all know a lighter bike will climb faster, require less energy and accelerate quicker .

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