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The introduction of patented Control Curve Technology is brought to life in the form of the Gnar Bar. The Control Curve was designed to seat itself in the arch of your palm giving you more control with less effort. This allows you to steer your bike at high speeds without a death grip on the bars. It also gives the rider more control while covering the brakes. These bars beg you to ride harder, allowing you to push into turns and pull out of them easier, and with more leverage. From epic XC adventures to ripping shuttle runs, the Gnar Bar boosts rider confidence and capabilities.

Upon receiving these handlebars, we encourage the rider to experiment and find the perfect sweet spot. That is the handlebar position that is most comfortable while in the saddle, and also when the rider rolls the hand position forward while standing. roduct reviews are welcome. Product demo program is available for riders in the cycling industry.

Please read installation instructions attached to handlebars to ensure ease of installment.
Handlebars are available to ship on 10/19/2009.
WTB Clamp-On Grips are compatible and available through our website.
ODI Lock-On Grips are being prototyped and will soon be available
***For more information and good times visit our website:***

Simple Pleasures Bicycle Components
853 SW Hill St.
Bend, OR 97702

source: Chris Sullivan


  • Anonymous says:

    Reminds me of Powerlite BMX bars in the eighties and Roox MTB bars in the 90’s…
    How did it get patented?

  • Anonymous says:

    Put on my new Gnar Bar the other day. I only have 15 miles or so of riding with them, but what a difference. I felt like i had way more control, and a much more relaxed grip.

  • Anonymous says:

    Patents are in the verbage, design is in all about testing and perfecting.
    3 years of testing and perfection can be achieved. Give em’ a rip and see what they’re all about!

  • Anonymous says:

    I have been riding with Gnar Bar for over a week and have loved em super comfy and found myself changing hand positions much less. Good Stuff!

  • This is a great bar! says:

    I’ve been riding this bar since April, and I absolutely love it. The grip perfectly fits into the cup of my hand. The width is great, especially for SS. Well worth the cash, and a carbon version would be awesome.

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