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Two creative new tubeless tire inflation solutions

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SKS has released a pair of innovative tubeless tire solutions for in-house and on-the-go inflation.

Video: SKS RideAir and TL Retrofit Pump Head

SKS USA general manager Mark Burgener shows off two new tubeless tire inflation solutions for in-house and on-the-go inflation. The TL retrofit pump head allows for easy tubeless seating with any floor pump, while the RideAir provides a reusable, portable tubeless seating solution.

SKS Interbike 2016 Booth

Two slick new products from SKS take the bite out of tubeless tire seating frustrations, both for in-house and on-the-go solutions.

The TL (tubeless) retrofit pump head works as a replacement pump head for any floor pump. It allows the user to do two things at once for an easy tubeless inflation experience. One side of the pump head features a C02 valve, compatible with threaded 16g or 24g cartridges. Simply thread in the cartridge after affixing the pump head to the tire’s valve stem, then finish the seal of with one or two pumps of the handle until you hear the “pop.” The TL Head also acts as a stand-alone C02 inflator. Just remove it from the pump hose and throw it in your pocket for a portable emergency C02 inflator.

SKS also showed a portable air tank with enough pressure storage to seat a tubeless tire. The RideAir is reusable, needing only 40 or so pumps from an average floor pump. It also features an easy-to-read pressure gauge to let you know when it’s ready to go. The RideAir uses a single small button to release the pressure all in one shot. The canister is designed to fit in a standard water bottle cage.

Gallery: SKS RideAir, TL Pump Head, Bluemels Stingray Fenders and More

SKS Interbike 2016 Gallery

SKS RideAir

The RideAir is an air canister that can be filled by use of a standard floor pump and used to seat tubeless tires with its consistent flow of air. It can also be easily transported and used in place of CO2 systems as it is more environmentally friendly and can be refilled. $70


This head can be retrofited onto any floor pump with a 5.0-5.7mm diameter hose. With just this head, any floor pump can now seat tubeless tires with the use of a CO2 cartridge. The CO2 air is released and used to seat the tire, then instantly the user can switch to floor pump handle compressions to top off the tire. The head is packaged with 2 threaded 16g cartridges and a tire lever. $33

SKS Raceblade Pro XL Stealth

Fits 700 x 25-32 (also available in a 700 x 18-25 version). $65

SKS Bluemels Stingray Fender

Fits 700 x 38-42 (available in Blazing Red, Ocean Blue, Grey, Lime Green) These fenders also feature blacked out hardware. $35

SKS Bluemels Stingray Fender Colors Detail

Fits 700 x 38-42 (available in Blazing Red, Ocean Blue, Grey, Lime Green) These fenders also feature blacked out hardware. $35

SKS Bluemels Reflective Fender

Fits 700 x 38-42. $43

SKS Interbike 2016 Booth

SKS has been developing, designing, constructing and producing bicycle accessories at their factory in Sundern, Germany, since 1932. Made In Germany is not just an empty promise, but reflects the company's high standards in quality, function and design.


  • stefano says:

    I have a home made fire extinguisher recycled as a tubeless seater, pretty inexpensive and working very well
    Time invested 1/2 of a day and money 20 Euro
    All considered if I had the chance to get the RideAir for 60 (70 USD) I would not had to think much to go for the purchase

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