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New sealant blend claims to improve longevity, work with CO2 inflators

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Slime and Genuine Innovations

Slime’s updated tubeless sealant blend is claimed to last longer without drying out.

These days, most riders go tubeless and don’t want to spend time maintaining it. To address that, Slime has introduced a new sealant blend with claims of longevity improvement. On occasions where the puncture is larger than the seal can handle, Slime partner Genuine Innovations has plugs and an updated inflator head to get you back onto the trail quickly.

Demonstration of Slime sealing a puncture

Most sealants use an ammonia or similar solvent to keep things liquid. The down side is that they can dry out faster than most would prefer, plus inflating with CO2 can produce very cold temperatures and tend to degrade most sealants. Slime has introduced an updated sealant blend using a water base with fully synthetic latex, claiming longer life should be expected — and it’s being fully compatible with CO2 inflation.

Slime and Genuine Innovations

The Tubeless Tackle Kit includes a valve core tool in the bottom of the body.

Meanwhile, Genuine Innovations has solutions for when your pressure is running low or the slice is a bit too large. They have introduced the new AirChuck+ inflator head, featuring a protective cover over their existing AirChuck. The new model improves dexterity plus prevents the cold fingers that metal CO2 inflators can cause.

Slime and Genuine Innovations

Side of Bacon tubless tire plugs can get you out of some tricky situations.

Their Tubeless Tackle Kit can be used to insert the Side of Bacon tubless tire plugs. The kit includes a sealed metal housing, plug insertion device, five plugs, valve core remover, and two extra valves.

Find more information about Slime at and Genuine Innovations at

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  • Danny says:

    I’ve tried tubeless once and this was enough. Not worth the hassle and wasted rubber. If UST keeps air without stupid sealant I’m fine with it, otherwise just forget it.

    • owen arman says:

      but what if you get a puncture without sealant, how will the air stay in?
      Tubeless is great, Ive not had a flat in years

  • owen arman says:

    Hardly a genuine innovation, motorbikes and off road vehicles have been using these puncture repair strips for ages, and Ive had some in my saddle bag for over a year. Really cheap to buy these strips too.

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