Smith Rover first ride

Koroyd and MIPS technology combine to create a safer helmet

Smith Rover has an impressive assortment of colors

Smith Rover has an impressive assortment of colors.

Smith proudly showed us their latest helmet offering, the Smith Rover which features Koroyd protection in the most critical impact zones of the helmet. MIPs is fully integrated on models that cost $30 more. And venting has been re-engineered to have huge, unobstructed entry and exit ports, with a channel in the helmet allowing air to flow through easily.

This reinforces Smith’s commitment to offer bike helmets that offer a higher protection standard. They use the expensive Koroyd technology to maximize the dissipation of shock and protect the brain against damage, not only from hard blows but softer impacts as well. An excellent video explaining helmet standards and opportunity for improvement is available here.

Smith Rover visor is not adjustable but is removable.

Smith Rover visor is not adjustable but is removable.

Key attributes
  • Removable, non-adjustable visor
  • Available in 9 colors
  • 20 vents
  • 372 grams
  • $150 and $180 MIPS
Smith Rover is integrated with MIPs perfectly wit rubber anchors to allow movement.

Smith Rover is integrated with MIPs perfectly wit rubber anchors to allow movement.

Ride impressions

We already had the opportunity to take the Smith Rover on two rides and have some observations to share. First off, the helmet has the first-rate quality feel of the Forefront with great materials and fit and finish. The ratchet system was felt smooth and easy to operate with its micro adjustments.

Fit was good for our oval head. We normally feel pressure on the rear corners but this didn’t seem to be an issue with the Rover.

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  • bob says:

    I got a forefront with more koroyd and adjustable visor for less than these as forefronts went on sale prior to the announce…
    Now I like their helmet and they have the best fit, but the price is a little crazy. I suspect if they aligned more with others they’d sell more. People pay more for quality but theres a limit to that too given they’re all single-crash-helmets and all.

    Finally while its recommending safety and stuff, i dont get why they even sell a non-MIPS helmet.

  • ggg says:

    Never had an issue riding many times in Moab/Sedona heat and BC forest fire tinder conditions with any half-shell helmet I’ve ever owned so it’s not a selling point any more.
    Also $150 for a helmet is too much.

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