Snēk Cycling’s Lifeboat Tire Lever — and more

Helps remove tight fitting tires, add sealant, and open beers

Snēk Cycling's Lifeboat Tire Lever

The Lifeboat Tire Lever is designed to be durable but also gentle on your rims.

How’s this for a three-in-one tool. Snēk Cycling’s Lifeboat Tire Lever can help you change a tire, remove a valve core, and perhaps most important of all, open a post-ride adult beverage. The lever addresses the need for a valve core remover to service tubeless tire systems. Of course removing the valve core is the easiest way to install tire sealant.

Snēk Cycling's Lifeboat Tire Lever

Now you’ll always have a handy valve core remover.

“I was tired of looking for a tool to remove the valve core of my tubeless tires every time I wanted to add sealant,” explained Snēk Cycling’s Johnny Hintze. “My valve core remover was hard to keep track of and always seemed to be missing. That’s when I thought, why not just have a valve core remover as part of the tire lever? That way only one tool would be required to service tubeless tires instead of two separate ones.”

Snēk Cycling's Lifeboat Tire Lever

Let the hydration begin.

Made from a plastic outer and reinforced with a metal interior, the Lifeboat Tire Lever is designed for durability and to be gentle on your rims. “I was also frustrated with levers breaking,” added Hintze. “I wanted a lever that was tough enough to handle the repeated abuse of tire maintenance, and was built to last rather than something that was disposable.”

Snēk Cycling is initially introducing the Lifeboat Tire Lever on Kickstarter with the goal of raising adequate interest to bring the project to fruition.

Snēk Cycling's Lifeboat Tire Lever

Head over to Kickstarter if you want to help bring this project to life.

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