Spank Industries Announces 2013 Pro Team Roster


Component maker Spank Industries will have a strong presence at the Sea Otter Classic this week with a strong team featuring such riders as Darren Berrecloth, Mick and Tracey Hannah, Michal Prokop, Logan Binggeli, Holly Feniak and more!

Stop by their booth at Otter and if you are lucky you might just be able to score some autographs! Check out the great photos in the gallery and also the official info from Spank Industries below.

For sure you’ll recognize a few of the names in here as riders that helped to make us who we are today; riders like Ryan Berrecloth, Andi Wittmann, Rob J, Fabien Cousinie, and Kenny Smith who have been with us for years playing a fundamental role in product development and promotions. First we would like to say thanks to these partners, brothers and friends. However, you might be surprised to see the list of riders who have joined us over the past couple of seasons, and now enjoy highly weight optimized, confidence inspiring, performance products from Spank. We are especially stoked to welcome some seasoned veterans the likes of Darren Berrecloth, Mick and Tracey Hannah, and Michal Prokop, as well as an insane group of young superstars including Anthony Messere, Bernard Kerr, Brendan Howey, Holly Feniak and more! This year promises to be the best ever for Spank, our riders, and our fans. Stay tuned!

Spank Industries 2013 Pro Race Team
Hutchinson United Ride World Cup (France/Aus/USA) *Mick Hannah *Fabien Cousinie *Tracey Hannah *Holly Feniak
Pivot Factory DH Team (UK/USA) *Bernard Kerr *Austin Warren
Michal Prokop (Czech Rep)
Wallner Brothers Racing (Sweden) *Robin and Nicki Wallner
Banshee World Cup Team (Czech Rep) *Matej Charvat
Forrest Riesco (Canadian Nat. Dh Team)
Kenny Smith (Canada)
Logan Binggeli (USA)
Morpheus WC DH Factory Team (USA) *Alejandro Ortiz
iXS Gravity Union Team (Switzerland)
Emanon GRT Team (Austria)
Austrian National Dh Team (Austria)

Spank Industries 2013 International Freeride Team
Darren Berrecloth (Canada)
Anthony Messere (Canada)
Nico Scholze (Germany)
Casey Groves (Canada)
Brendan Howey (Canada)
Andi Brewi (Austria)
Kenny Smith (Canada)
Andi Wittmann (Germany)
Bienvenido Aguado Alba (Spain)
Sam Dueck (Canada)
Martin Kiesewetter (Germany)
Matt Brooks (Canada)
Brendan Barrett-Hay (Canada)
Garrett Robertson (Canada)
Kenny Smith (Canada)
Rob Jauch (Canada)
Ryan Berrecloth (Canada)
Tammy Donahugh (USA)
Robin Gunnarsson (Sweden)
Sindre Harbak (Norway)
NSMB FR Team (Canada)
Urs Reinosch (Germany)

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