Specialized Wu dropper post first look

A seatpost that tilts the saddle up while it drops

Specialized Wu

The Wu dropper post adds a piston in the seatpost head to control the angle of the saddle while dropping.

The new Wu dropper post from Specialized angles the saddle up as it is dropped. It’s purpose is to put the rider in a more comfortable sitting position on the saddle as the rider sits up on descents.

A lot of mountains were moved to make this possible so we were excited to try it. We have tilted saddles in our dirt jump bikes but it’s just to get them out of the way further as we never sit on them. Is the tilt desirable on an All Mountain bike or not? Find out our first impressions in the video.

We interviewed product manager Joe Buckley to gain insight on the product and the vision:

Joe Buckley: Sr. Product Manager
Keith Christman: Engineer

Mtbr: What brought this on? Who asked for it? Gurus? Dealers? Consumers?
Joe Buckley: It was something Brandon Sloan challenged the engineers with. We had been racing some Enduros where we were leaving the saddles in the dropped position for almost the whole stage, and angling our seats, “dh” style, I think that was what got him thinking.

Mtbr: How big was the technical challenge? How long did this take to develop?
Joe Buckley: It took around 3 years. We almost had it done for the MY17 Enduro, but couldn’t quite get it done in time, so we had to make a few refinements and have it ready for MY18.

Mtbr: Does it come in a 34.9 size and no offset only? Were the frames lengthened and modified with bigger seat tube to accommodate it?
Joe Buckley/Keith Christman: It comes in 34.9 only, and there is 8mm of offset. We had to design the Enduro and Kenevo with a bigger seat tube otherwise the Wu Post wouldn’t have fit in there, so in that sense yeah. It made sense to increase the diameter of the post as we increased the “drop” length. You’re better able to support the bending moment you put on the post with your body weight. It’s more efficient from a structures stand point to go 34.9mm. This is why MY17 Enduro’s all came with shims and 30.9 posts. We did lengthen the cockpit on MY18 Enduros, but not because of the Wu post offset, it was more to keep up with geo trends.

Wu Post

Technical drawings of the Wu reveal it’s angle changing mechanism.

Mtbr: What bikes does it come on?
Joe Buckley: Enduro SW/Expert, and Kenevo

Mtbr: Can the Enduro be purchased without this post?
Joe Buckley: Yes, on Elite/comp models

Mtbr: Can the amount of tilt action be changed?
Joe Buckley/Keith Christman: The amount of tilt is 12 degrees. You can adjust the top position (full extension) or bottom position, but you cannot adjust the amount the saddle angle changes in between. No matter where you set your saddle position it will change 12 degrees throughout the stroke of the dropper.

Mtbr: Is there a 150mm version?
Joe Buckley/Keith Christman: Linear (purely up and down) shaft stroke is 118mm, which correlates to a 150mm of actual saddle drop for average saddle positions.

Mtbr: Is there a 150mm dropper Command Post available?
Joe Buckley: Not currently.

Mtbr: Can it fit in other bikes? One interesting challenge is once used to this motion, one may want to have this behavior on their fleet. But it may not be possible with the 34.9 requirement.
Joe Buckley: Wu can fit in any 34.9 seat tube

Mtbr: Cost and weight?
Joe Buckley: USA MSRP will be $425, and aftermarket availability is looking like late October. Weight is 650 grams.

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