Video: New Bell Super 2R trail/enduro helmet with removable chin bar

New video reveals how the chin bar is fastened and removed.

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Bell Super 2R Chin Bar Mounting

Bell Super 2R with removable chin bar video released. The Super 2R will be available in five colors and the claimed weight is 694 grams (likely size Small). It will be available with MIPs technology for $220 and without MIPs for $200.

This video reveals how the chin bar’s size and how it is fastened on to the helmet. It is interesting to note that the rider does not have to take the helmet off to fasten or remove the chin bar.

Bell Super 2R Full Face Slaven Back

The new, yet-to-be-released Bell Super 2R helmet with a removable chin bar appeared “in the wild” this weekend at the Winter Park, Colo. stop of the Enduro World Series. Bell-sponsored rider Matthew Slaven was seen racing in the new lid which confirms a catalog page photo leaked to Mtbr last week. The new model appears to be largely based on their popular “Super” trail ride/all-mountain/enduro helmet launched in 2012.

Bell Super 2R in catalog

From what we can read of the lo-res catalog page, the helmet includes a new breakaway POV camera mount–likely an improvement over the original Super’s Velcro-in vent plug method. The copy also indicates the helmet comes with Bell’s Overbrow ventilation and TAG fit system. No mention was made on backward-compatibility with the new chin bar and the previous iteration Super. The catalog pages show the new helmet in five colorways.

Back-in-the-day BMXers may recall old school Bell BMX and motorcycle helmets with removable plastic chin bars designed primarily to deflect roost. The new design, however, appears to combine removability with real impact protection, along the lines of similar mountain bike-specific models like MET’s Parachute and Giro’s long-discontinued Switchblade.

Details on weight, pricing and retail availability were unreadable, and the company did not respond to inquiries.


A careful read confirms the Super 2R’s removable chinbar, breakaway camera mount, Overbrow ventilation and TAG fit system.

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  • Kevin Woodward says:

    I heard the 2R was coming at Sea Otter this year but that it won’t be available until late fall at the earliest. I wear a Super now and after 20-25 years of wearing a variety of bike helmets can say it is my favorite by far. That said, there are times and trails that require a full-face … and unfortunately the ventilation that comes with the added protection is not so good. For me, if the temperature is above 65 degrees with any amount of climbing there will be heat-enduced suffering involved when wearing a full-face. I will probably need a new helmet mid-way through next year and the 2R is the first one on my short list. Note: The other thing I heard but cannot confirm is that the 2R is not as fully certified as most full-face helmets so something to look into MTBR, although it may provide more than enough protection for the vast majority of mere mortal riders.

    • Fran says:

      The removable chin bar usually means it’s certified as an open face.
      Same with flip front motorbike helmets.

  • RP says:

    If Bell wants to compete with the MET Parachute, better get that thing to pass ASTM 1952. The Parachute does and weighs the same.

  • Albert says:

    Equally big news: the helmet now sports a MIPS liner, judging by the presence of the MIPS logo. Hopefully the normal Super will be available in a MIPS version as well.

  • Alex Bo B'Alex says:

    A watered down version of a full face? Or the future?

  • Darin Peper says:

    Now if they had only made the mouthpiece in clear lexan with some thought to additional visibility they’d have hit the nail on the head. 🙁 I still think it’s a move in the right direction.

  • Brian says:

    Cool! Hopefully you can just buy the attachment for the existing Super helmets as I already own a Bell Super. This would probably be good for warmer days.

  • buriedundersnow says:

    Not sure if the helmet is legit, but that Slaven dude is for sure.

  • Preston says:

    A year or two ago I couldn’t understand why we didn’t have a modern version of the old pro-tec switchblade. Or at least some variation on lightweight xc helmet with face protection. But now it is clear to me that the reason is that lightweight and full face are not compatible. For me the best solution is just to haul up my full face, the weight is not noticeable in transition stages, and putting the xc helmet in the pack is also negligible on the way down. So far the climb sections of our local enduro segments have not been long enough for the heat to be a factor, although I can certainly imagine such a thing.

  • MtbJosh says:

    anyone remember the old GIRO Switchblade?

  • trailsnail says:

    I’m ready to get a Super right now and now this thing comes out and confuses the issue:) I want it…how much is your lowest price? (spanish accent)

  • Guys. I use Casco Viper for past few years. It’s great alternative and you can score one for over 100 bucks on ebay with chin protector. Same weight as Bell here. Chin is solid but it’s not full face of course, however tons safer than Switchblade.

    casco viper – check it out

  • Tom says:

    For anyone who’s interested, the Super 2R is available for pre-order and is listed to be shipping in early november.

  • Jennifer says:

    Well, I now own one.. While I haven’t been able to take it out for a test ride I have gotten a good look at it and it’s a nice helmet..

    I ordered the red model with Mips and the red is more like a fluorescent orange than red… Had I known it was that bright I would have gone with the white..

    It is easy to remove and replace the face bar.. I’ll post up a review later after a few rides..

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