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Squirt Lube
Reviewed by Sharon Bader

This summer we used a new wax based Lube – Squirt – to see how it handled the variable conditions of the Whistler Bike Park and North Shore riding in wet and dry conditions.

Generally I think lube is lube. Lee even considers car oil a viable bike chain lube. I’m a bit more discerning and always clean and re-lube my bikes after each ride. Most importantly in wet weather it is even more important to keep the chain clean since most lubes tend to attract mud to the chain.

Squirt Lube contains no solvents and is an emulsion of water and wax. This composition allows it to contain a far greater percentage of wax over conventional petroleum based wax lubes. The solution remains consistent over time requiring no shaking prior to application. The wax is harmless, odorless and environmentally friendly. Squirt, will rapidly and completely biodegrade in aquatic environments under aerobic conditions to 80% in 28 days and is 100% degraded in 58 days.

White thick lube penetrates and disappears 5-10 minutes after application.

Squirt is very viscous and goes on thick after application which allows the wax to penetrate deep into each link. The wax should be given 5 – 10 minutes to allow the water to evaporate whereupon it will hardly appear on your chain. When applying SQUIRT there is no need to wipe off any excess, in fact it should be applied liberally to the chain.

The unique properties of SQUIRT allows it to repel water and dirt and lasts much longer than traditional lubricants. SQUIRT was developed for dry conditions but works well even in wet muddy conditions.

The following pictures are of the drive train after a wet muddy day at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Note the mud on the stay, but not on the chain. This lube seems to form a coat that prevents mud from sticking to the chain.

Once the SQUIRT lubricant has built up in the chain degreasing your chain will no longer be necessary. The chain should be cleaned by brushing with a dry brush or cloth. If the bike is washed with water after riding, the chain can be wiped clean and dried prior to a new application of SQUIRT. The black gunky mess that often accumulates on your chain after wet rides will no longer appear. Your chain remains shiny clean, feels less gritty and will last longer.

Other Endorsements:

SQUIRT was developed and tested in South Africa under the harsh conditions of the Cape Epic mountain bike challenge. It has been used by riders in the La Ruta De Los Conquistadores with glowing accolades. SQUIRT has been adopted and endorsed by a number of top riders including Ned Overend, Travis Brown, Mike Kloser to name a few. Cyclingnews.com recently gave SQUIRT a glowing review with a very rare, “5 yellow jerseys”.

SQUIRT has personally been tested by numerous people who ride in the wet and muddy conditions of the PNW and every response has been positive. Multiple rides in wet and dry conditions have been followed by simply brushing the chain and applying a new application of SQUIRT. SQUIRT should not be compared with any previous wax lubricants that are ineffective in wet conditions, this lubricant is unlike any other product.

Some of the reviews of SQUIRT LUBRICANT

Whistler Bike Park – Brian Finestone
Squirt Lube is a great product, it not only enables me to move closer to my goal of minimizing my carbon footprint and impact on the environment, but does so without compromising its effectiveness. The wax based lube goes on easily, penetrates the chain links and components and seems to outlast other products. The only real difference is that it needs a short period of time to dry in order to work best, so slopping it on at the trailhead on a rainy day won’t allow it to perform at its best. I like any product that works well and makes me feel less guilty about my impact on the land.

“In short, Squirt is easily the best dry-conditions wax-based lubricant we’ve used to date and the only one we’ve encountered that can last more than a single ride out in the impossibly fine dust of Moab, Utah and Fruita, Colorado.”

“The philosophy behind Squirt is to create a dry lubricant that can withstand the accumulation of dust and dirt (even in wet conditions), and can be applied and re-applied without cleaning the chain between applications. Apply it to the chain as you normally would any lubricant, and it will dry to form a thin layer.”

“On several occasions I followed up days of riding in wet weather with only a fresh application of Squirt lube.
I found the lubricating properties of Squirt’s LLDL (Long Lasting Dry Lube) to be as good or better than any wet lube I have used before. I also found it to be true that the chain did stay cleaner after multiple rides in wet and sloppy weather. (The part of the world I live in is not short on wet weather!)”

Unlike other wax lubes, Squirt is water-based, has a high wax content lube (40% wax), in a smooth emulsion that doesn’t separate or settle in the bottle. Just apply, let it dry for a few minutes and you’re ready to go. No need to wipe off any excess

Where can you buy it?

It will be available in the US through Giant Distributors.

Manufacturer Website:

Canadian Distributor

About the author: Sharon Bader

I am 5’9″, weigh 154lbs. I have been riding since 1991. I started on a classic XC hard tail but have moved with technology and now ride a Pivot Mach 5.7 for XC, a Trek Session for DH and a Pivot Firebird and Knolly Endorphin for freeriding/shore/technical XC riding.


  • Anonymous says:

    SQUIRT is also available in the USA through every other shop that does not sell GIANT. All other shops should call Larry Grossman (USA SQUIRT rep) at 970-376-1244 for ordering information. We ship out of Colorado and the Lube is produced in South Africa.
    Larry Grossman
    SQUIRT guy

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey Larry! I camped next to you at 24 hours of Moab (guys from chicago)–and you gave me a bottle of the pink Squirt Lube. After riding for some time I am totally sold on Squirt Lube. My chain stays cleaner, shifts are really crisp, and I have my riding buddies asking me what I am using on my chain. Thanks for the sample and introducing me to a great product. Lube is often overlooked, and that can be TOB (time off bike). Do you have an email?

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, you can contact me at [email protected]. I believe you left me a phone message this weekend? I’ll be calling you this morning to follow up.
    Glad you are digging our product like sooo many others. It truly is the bomb in lube products, works amazingly well, is 100% biodegradeable and has zero petroleum product in it….it also works VERY well in wet conditions, just be sure to let the lube dry before riding in wet/rainy conditions.
    Larry Grossman

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