Stan’s NoTubes S1 series cover broad wheel-tire spectrum

Durability, value, and proper tire shape are main goals of new line-up

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All six of the new alloy wheelsets will sell for $455.

All six of the new alloy wheelsets will sell for $455.

Despite what others may tell you, there is such a thing as too wide when it comes to rims. That’s part of the message behind Stan’s NoTubes recently launched tubeless ready S1 series MTB wheels, which are also geared to the budget conscious consumer.

“We think the world has gone a little mad with the excessive width for width sake,” explained Stan’s creative director Chris Currie. “What you see when you go excessively wide, say a rim with a 38mm inner depth and a 2.6” tire is that you start to lose performance. It’s almost like you shortened the travel of your suspension fork. Your tires effective compression is reduced because you have spread it to point where volume is more horizontal than vertical. This can also result in damage to the sidewall and rim. So what we are trying to drive home is our “Wide Right” concept where you can see which tire will work best for each rim and more importantly your needs.”

Indeed, it used to be that most rims were too narrow for wider tires, and you got the light bulb shape and the accompanying folding sensation. Now we are seeing it go the other direction with too small a tire on too wide a rim, which Currie calls the bell shape.

“We want a more even curvature,” he added. “The idea is there is a right combination for the job.”

Stan's says wider is better, but only if done right.

Stan’s says wider is better, but only if done right.

In the case of the S1 series, there are six rims to choose from, the first three using traditional Stan’s nomenclature: Crest S1, Arch S1, Flow S1, plus three new Plus sized rims, Sentry S1, Baron S1, and Major S1. Rim wall thickness has been increased for greater durability. Price is $455 per set.

“Accessibility is really the mantra of the series,” Currie told Mtbr at the Eurobike trade show in Germany, adding that availability is set for late winter/early spring. “The goal was to take everything we’ve done for tubeless technology and put it into a truly bombproof and affordable wheel.”

The new S1 series wheels feature 6061 series alloy rims, and join a mountain wheel line-up that currently includes Stan’s MK3 premium alloy wheels and Valor and Bravo carbon series wheelsets. While MK3 wheelsets are built to balance strength, light weight, and stiffness, S1 wheelsets will focus on strength and durability. The deeper profile and thicker walls of the new S1 rims result in a 50-70g weight increase over MK3 rims, but offer greater impact strength for a wider range of use.

The new S1 line includes three plus sized rims, including the Major with its 38mm inner rim width.

The new S1 line includes three plus sized rims, including the Major with its 38mm inner rim width.

The six S1 series wheelsets will come with internal widths ranging from 23mm to 38mm. Combined with Stan’s low-profile, high-volume Bead Socket Technology rim design, these widths let the new S1 range accommodate tires from 2.0-3.5”.

All S1 wheelsets will be built with 32 spokes front and rear, Sapim’s Race spokes and Secure Lock brass nipples, and Stan’s Neo hubs. Hubs will be available to fit most axle systems, including Boost. All models will be available in 27.5 and 29 rim sizes, with select models also available in 26.

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