Strider 12 ST-R balance bike has carbon frame

Racing-inspired design includes carbon fork, wheels, handlebar, seatpost, too

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Strider 12 ST-R Balance Bike

No actual weight has been revealed, but gotta imagine the Strider 12 ST-R Balance Bike is very light.

Here’s something for the kid that has (or needs) everything. Meet the new Strider 12 ST-R balance bike, which features a carbon fiber frame, high end components, and an $899 price tag.

With a racing-inspired design, the Strider 12 ST-R holds nothing back. It’s been developed to stand apart from any other balance bike, featuring a carbon frame, fork, wheels, handlebar and seatpost, along with a Cane Creek AER headset, a custom forged alloy stem, Schwalbe Big Apple Tires, and a variety of additional high-performance components.

Strider 12 ST-R Balance Bike

Talk about marginal gains…

“This is not your conventional Strider Bike,” said Strider founder Ryan McFarland, stating the obvious. “While the vast majority of our bikes focus on durability, function, and value for families with young children learning to ride, the Strider 12 ST-R is an over-the-top, no-expense-spared, limited edition race bike for the obsessed, super-enthusiast. And, man, is it cool.”

Strider further supports racing and two-wheeling enthusiasts with the global Strider Cup race series. These family-friendly racing events introduce encouraging competition to children and allow them to put their balance bike skills to the test. Notable Strider Cup races include the regional Strider Cup Asian Championship and the Strider Cup World Championship.

Strider 12 ST-R Balance Bike

Forget the silver spoon, get your kid a carbon Strider.

The Strider 12 ST-R joins the Strider 12 lineup including the popular, steel-frame Strider 12 Sport and the all-aluminum, Strider 12 Pro, both available as part of the Strider 12 Baby Bundle. The ST-R will be available worldwide from select Authorized Strider Distributors in limited quantities beginning in October.

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  • Redflufflydragon says:

    No weights?

  • joules says:

    Not really for the kid that has everything (they’d never know the difference), but for the wealthy yet unintelligent parents that need everyone to know they can afford to drop that much money on something so stupid as a high end balance bike.

    I kind of hope that when someone places an order for this, instead of sending one, they dispatch some guys to break your knees for being such an idiot.

    • Joe says:

      Let me see. What’s worse? Someone spending $899 on a bike or someone wanting to have a guy’s knees broken….Not really a tough call.

      “I kind of hope that when someone places an order for this, instead of sending one, they dispatch some guys to break your knees for being such an idiot.”

  • Usernametaken says:

    Wait a minute, is today April 1st?

  • UserNameTaken says:

    Wait a minute… is today April 1st?

    Also can’t tell exactly what type of car that is behind the bike, but it really needs to be a Porsche or a Tesla.

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