SUNRinglé Launches Limited Edition Düroc SD37 Pro Wheelset

Small batch wheelset with 1990's throwback styling for the modern era

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During the early nineties, multicolor fluorescent spandex was in, drop bars on mountain bikes were a common sight, and purple was the color of choice for those looking to add anodized bling to their bike. We’re not saying everything from the nineties deserves to come back into style, but if we had to pick something, it would be Ringlé anodized hubs.

Introducing a limited edition the Düroc SD37 Pro wheels equipped with 3D Violet anodized Ringlé Super Bubba hubs paying homage to the original Super Bubba’s of the past. The new Super Bubba’s have evolved to a state-of-the-art hub featuring our Clock’D dual-adjustable ratchet ring technology. Clock’D allows the rider to adjust the 6-pawl system from 8º of engagement for heavy-duty use to 4º of quick engagement for technical riding by simply offsetting the keyed ratchet rings.

To keep things strong and durable the hub shell is forged then machined out of lightweight 6061 aluminum and is paired with a stout 7075 aluminum axle. Symmetrical front endcaps, tool-free service, and one size (6902) bearings are used throughout to make maintenance a breeze.

These hubs are laced to the Düroc SD37 rims with straight-pull spokes and alloy nipples. Whether you’re an enduro racer or a bike park assassin, the Düroc Pro SD37 LE will keep you rolling through the toughest rock gardens and overly poked out whips.

As a bonus, the company has included both XD and Microspline freehub bodies, as well as torque caps, tubeless valves, and sealant in the box for easy swaps without needing to purchase additional items.

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