Xeccon Reviews and News

Review: Xeccon Geinea I

The Xeccon Geinea is a 650 Lumen light with a tail light included in the system. A remote switch is included to control both front and tail lights.

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Review: Xeccon Spiker 1210

The Xeccon Spiker is a light with 4 LEDs and a big hard cased battery. The beam is big and bright and it is best used as a bar light to project a wide beam pattern. A spot helmet light would complement this light nicely.

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Review: Xeccon Sogn 700 – 2800 Lumen Bike Light

The Xeccon Sogn 700 is a powerful light from Xeccon that features two banks of 3-LED lenses. It is a big light at 658 grams, but it’s good to see a huge beam pattern from this light. It throws far and wide and that’s a good thing with this many Lumens.

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