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2015 POV Camera Shootout: Best in test winners revealed

Find out about testing protocol and which cameras were tops in the test.

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2015 POV Camera Shootout: Drift Ghost-S

Heavier camera makes up for bulk with ease of use and the best battery life in the test.

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Drift Industries Announces New, Faster Ghost-S POV Camera

With a new sensor, better lens, and faster video frame rate, the new Ghost-S POV camera increases the performance of the Drift Industries’ Ghost camera line.

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Review: Drift HD Ghost POV Camera

An incredible amount of technology, features and software crammed into an easy to use 11MP video camera, with a superb remote control, a long lived battery and useful LCD screen.

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Drift Innovation Drift HD Ghost Delivers Features Users Want

Do you sometimes feel that GoPro has a monopoly on the POV Camera market? They seem to have a lions share of the market because of their superior brand and and marketing power.

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POV Camera Shootout – GoPro, Drift, Contour

GoPro Hero HD Vs Drift Stealth FX Until recently, if you wanted to make a movie of your mountain bike excursions you had to either advance to professional level where people paid you to put your skills on video, or shell out big bucks for a high end unit by the likes of Sony, Nikon […]

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Best Mountain Bike Gifts: POV Cameras

Welcome to the Mtbr Holiday Gift Guide! In this economy, money is tight so you will want to be sure that you spend wisely. Our suggestions below are designed to save you time and let you know everything you need to about the different products on the market vying for your hard earned cash. Below […]

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Drift HD Camera: Smaller and Smarter

Smaller and Smarter: Drift Unveils New Drift HD Point of View Camera 07.26.2011– Point of view cameras are one of today’s hottest commodities in countless markets and demographics. The growth trend has invigorated camera technology advancements, recorded the most extreme events in history and firmly established bragging rights in action sports communities. Drift, an innovative […]

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Drift HD170 point of view camera – videos- Lee Lau

Drift HD170 point of view camera – videos- Lee Lau INTRODUCTION One of the newer entries in the High-definition video point of view wearable camera game; Drift Innovation’s HD170 camera has the best quality video of any camera presently in the market. Although the stock included mounts are not as flexible as one might want […]

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Drift Innovations HD170 Review

The Drift Innovations HD170 is a rugged outdoor sports video camera, that is easy to use. It has an excellent usage factor, combining loud indicator beeps for mode changes, a fully rotatable lens and a useful LCD screen, that does horizontal alignment and recorded viewing. The camera records high definition video resolutions of 720p and […]

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