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G-Form Pro Trail MTB glove debuts

The new G-Form Pro Trail glove has articulated back-of-finger padding using proprietary Reactive Protection Technology that is also found in its popular line of body armor.

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8 exciting new protection products

Check out the latest helmets, pads, and gloves from brands like 661, G-Form, Lizard Skins, and Kali Protectives.

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New protective gear from Alpinestars, G-Form, and Kali

Check out the latest from Alpinestars, G-Form, and Kali, including new trail-enduro gloves, burly kneepads, and a budget priced helmet.

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G-Form launches new Elite Protection

Well-regarded impact protection maker G-Form this week announced two new additions to its lineup. The new Elite Elbow Guards and Elite Knee Guards are enhanced versions of the Pro-X Elbow and Knee Pads.

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10 new protection products to keep you safer on the trail

Here’s a round-up of the latest offerings from POC, Alpinestars, CamelBak, Leatt, Oakley, Julbo, G-Form and more.

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G-Form shows Elite Knee and Elbow Guards, plus Padded Bib

G-Form makes body protection not body armor. The distinction is that body armor sounds (and often is) heavy, hot, and uncomfortable. Body protection doesn’t need to be any of those things. Find out why.

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Interbike Preview Highlights: G-Form, GoPro, Abus, Polar and Now helmets

A few product highlights from Interbike’s Media Preview event featuring G-Form, GoPro, ABUS, Polar and Now helmets.

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G-Form Pro-X knee pads review

The combination of ever-more-capable bikes, enduro racing, and the fact that technology has improved by leaps and bounds has spawned all manner of lightweight mountain bike pads. One of the biggest players in this rapidly emerging market is G-Form. Find out what we thought of their Pro-X knee pads.

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G-Form shows off bib short liner with hip protection

G-Form revolutionized protection by creating knee and elbow pads that were different from what existed at the time. Instead of heavy and cumbersome, they went with light and flexible.

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G-Form releases impact protection for infants

After three years conducting market research and proto-typing, G-Form, the leader in impact protection, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of the Pro-X Baby line.

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G-Form Protected iPhone dropped from 1000 Feet

Extreme Wingsuit Base Jumpers Drop G-Form Protected iPhone from More than 1000 Feet Base jumper successfully recovers iPhone undamaged and with full free fall video footage – see video here Providence, R.I. (Aug. 9, 2012) – Many may have last seen Gary Connery posed as the Queen mum while parachuting into the opening ceremonies of […]

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G-Form Knee, Elbow and Shin Pad Review

The G-Form company makes protection gear for consumer electronics and extreme athletic endeavors, that makes use of PORON XRD, which is a density changing and impact rate-dependent material. The basis of their product is RPT, which is Reactive Protection Technology, and is a combination of the PORON XRD material and their proprietary G-Form technology. What […]

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