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Throwback Video: Marin’s Repack downhill on CBS Evening Magazine in 1979

Although it’s a long way from Red Bull Rampage, mountain biking’s 1970’s network debut is still must-see TV.

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Bike Review: Trek Rumblefish II

Blasting off on the Rumblefish II isn’t about elbow yanking acceleration so much as it’s an exercise is smooth forward motion that gradually builds into a nice head of steam.

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2010 Gary Fisher Superfly 100 29er Preview

Introduction: Gary Fisher invited a handful of journalists to Park City Utah to try out their new offerings. Timing was a bit odd with the event happening less than two weeks before Interbike. “They must have a story to tell.” I thought. And there is a story indeed. It is one of development and racing. […]

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Gary Fisher will be at the Salzkammergut Trophy again!

Press Release – Gary Fisher will be at the Salzkammergut Trophy again! During the 2007 Salzkammergut Trophy Gary Fisher received a pair of “Goiserer” as a present which he has not collected yet! Well it’s time to pick them up – so on July 18, 2009 he will not only come for another shoe fitting […]

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2008 Interbike Dirt Demo by KRob – First Ride Impressions

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Famous Mountain Bike Builder Gary Fisher to Debut Road Bikes in 2009!

Trek World 2009, a mini-interbike for Trek brands to introduce local bike shop owners and managers to their new offerings is underway in Waterloo this week. At an event called “Backstage” began, where Trek flew in regular shop guys to get a sneak preview of what’s to come in 2009. RoadBikeReview was lucky to have […]

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Gary Fisher Rolls Out the 2008 29er Crew

Back in 2001 Gary Fisher had a crazy notion. He and a couple other non-traditionalists were messing with 29” wheeled mountain bikes. It was a fringe concept at the time. Fast forward seven years and 29ers are the hottest thing going in the mountain bike world. With Fisher’s legacy in 29ers and race team sponsorship, […]

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